Saturday, 7 July 2012

Boudoir Lashes - 50% off for my readers!

As you may have noticed from this blog and my YouTube videos I am a fan of big lashes. I don’t need much of an excuse to stick on a pair of falsies or pile on the mascara! However, having used various eyelash growth stimulators such as Lilash and Rapidlash I definitely prefer the natural look. I was therefore really excited to be given the opportunity to try out a full set of lash extensions from Boudoir Lashes!

Boudoir Lashes is based in the prestigious Becca store, just minutes from South Kensington. Luckily, this is very close to my house so I was able to rush there makeup free post shower as Asma advised me that I should not get my lashes wet 24 hours after application. Having had cluster extensions before I was looking forward to seeing how different the individual lashes would be.

Asma welcomed me in and was absolutely lovely. We got started straight away after a consultation and cleansing the area to make sure there were no impurities on the lashes. She first applied little protector pads under my eyes and stuck my bottom lashes down with tape. I am very squeamish when it comes to my super sensitive eyes, but I can assure you this only took seconds and was completely harmless.
 My little lashes before treatment

As I lay with eyes closed Asma began to carefully apply the lashes. She was extremely gentle so there was no tugging or pulling on the eyes and were it not for the sounds of people coming in and out of the store I would have fallen asleep! (Normally Asma is located downstairs where it is much quieter, but we were upstairs due to a bridal event that weekend).

Just under an hour later my lashes were finished and though I was excited to see them I knew this was the part I had been dreading as the last time I had my lashes done the glue made my eyes so irritated that they were red and streaming almost an hour after application. Well, I need not have worried! As I opened my eyes and the pads and tape were removed there was absolutely no stinging or irritation. I blinked a few times and though I could feel my lashes were heavier they still felt light, fluttery and most of all natural.
Looking into the mirror I was so happy with the results. My lashes were long, looked darker and more voluminous, but the shape created was the same as my own lashes so they looked extremely natural. They blended in so well that it was almost impossible to tell they were not all my own.
I don’t know what it is about lashes, but I could rest easy if my hair, skin and lashes always looked good!
After my appointment I made sure to keep the lashes dry, forego my usual oil based cleansers, skip the mascara and try to sleep on my back. I am a horrendously antisocial sleeper – usually sprawling like a starfish on my front, but I made a mental note to try and at least sleep on my side to ensure I didn’t squash the lashes in my sleep and wake up with kinks. As the lashes are light and flexible the few times that I did find myself nose first in my pillow in the morning I simply combed them through with a clean mascara wand and they bounced back into shape.

As my lashes defined my eyes I felt I needed much less eye makeup. For the next week or two I mainly stuck to a little bit of liquid liner, which I gently removed at the end of the day with a damp cotton bud, making sure not to pull on any of the lashes.
(day after application)

Asma says that the lashes last about 3 weeks and I would say that they stay full, with only the odd one jumping ship for about 2/3 weeks. After 3 weeks I did start losing more lashes and began to use a little mascara on the roots to hide any gaps. No doubt this hastened the shedding process, but they actually stayed put for much longer than anticipated and almost 6 weeks since my appointment I still have 2 stragglers lol! Of course after a few weeks you can get your lashes filled in or come in to have them professionally removed, but I found that they fell out on their own well enough with no unsightly patches. My real lashes are now a little shorter and less healthy than they were prior to application, but I would not say the difference is dramatic, nor is it something that can’t be changed with a little conditioning treatment. Since the lash cycle is roughly 3 months though they seem shorter they are still growing until they reach full term.
(2 weeks after application)
Overall I was so happy with my lashes and would love to have them done again. They are absolutely perfect for a special occasion, holiday or just a little treat for yourself and I am so excited to let you all know that Asma has been kind enough to offer a discount for my readers! 50% off a full set of lashes for the first 25 readers to book - please contact asma on with FGM50 as your redemption code (subject to availabilty terms and conditions apply ask at the time of booking).

Please do let me know if you decide to try these out as I would love to hear about your experiences! xxx


  1. One more thing for my girl :)
    bids that give

  2. Hello do you have a link on your blog explaining how you did your stunning make up in that photo? Please help

  3. Wow! Those lashes are serious! Well done lady. I could never successfully do the diy fake lashes. A friend referred me to aprescription eyelash growth serum by the name of Latisse. Tried it and it is fantastic!

  4. Your makeup looks amazing! I've always had sparse lashes and had to gob on mascara.. I tried lots of different things to make them look longer. A few months ago I tried something called Neulash and the results are fantastic. I have thicker, fuller lashes and don't need nearly as much mascara.


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