Thursday, 5 July 2012

Dr Jart comes to Boots

You may remember last year I reviewed my top pick of the BB cream phenomenon - the originally brilliant and authentic Dr Jart+. If not you can refresh your memory here. My personal favourite of the two I tried was the Dr Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm.

I was so excited to attend a recent event to celebrate the launch of Dr Jart products in the UK, exclusively in Boots. There are four creams to chosoe from depending on your skin care needs.
The Premium Beauty Balm (£24) cream provides high SPF40 protection with anti-oxidants. It gives a dewy, low coverage which helps fight ageing and is particularly suitable for those over 30.
The Water Infuse Beauty Balm (£18) gives a natural, bright and glossy application for natural, fresh looking skin which controls sebum production from sweat preventing streaking. It looks incredibly natural on the skin and keeps your skin hydrated for hours. I often use this instead of my moisturiser on no makeup days to add a little bit of a tint and a youthful glow. Though I would not recommend it for oily skins I would say this cream is perfect for those aged 20-35.
Dr Jart's Platinum Beauty Balm (£22) gives high coverage in a light application and is particularly suitable for those in their 30s.
I was recommended to try the Regenerating Beauty Balm (£21) for my skin concerns (sensitive, combination and redness).  This cream provides slightly more coverage while making skin look brighter. As the name suggests it also helps to regenerate skin cells with active ingredients including jojoba seed oil and snail secretion... yup! This cream is recommended for the 20 to 35 age group.

So there we have the pick of the Beauty Balm crop. If you are a fan of BBs or tinted moistuisers I highly recommend you try these out. I often replace my foundation with BBs, especially in the summer and can definitely feel the difference in my skin!

Have you tried any Dr Jart+ Beauty Balms? Which is your favourite formulation? xxx


  1. I did not tried it but i will :)
    Anyway if anyone need ideas for anniversary gifts just check the link ;)

  2. yes bought the platinum one from boots online was very disappointed I'm a light skin tone an nw 15/20 in mac- but this was so so light it really ghosted me out. I passed it on to my 90 yr old paler than pale mum lol

  3. i had a few samples of these and loved it!! maybe ill use what i have left tomorrow :)

  4. I love cosmetic. So I like Dr. Jart so much. It is very fine.

  5. thanks for posting.


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