Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Olympic Makeup Look

Did you see the Olympic Opening Ceremony? What did you think? I think everyone involved did a brilliant job and I actually felt very emotional and proud to see the fusion of history, culture, technology, creativity and imagination along with a good helping of British humour displayed to the world!

Unfortunately as I was stuck on a train for the majority of Friday night with no internet (thanks Virgin/ T-Mobile) I wasn’t able to post this amazing Olympic Ceremony look created by the talented and genuinely lovely Max Factor MUA Caroline Barnes before the event. This look was created specifically for volunteers, medal bearers and escorts, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all have a go!! Though they do have a slight head start on us as they have been gifted with Max Factor makeup and P&G goody bags to recreate the look ;).
However, I think this look is so wearable and versatile that it doesn’t need a special occasion to try! The video below gives a step by step guide on how to achieve the look.
Good luck ladies and Go Team GB (though I am also supporting Russia and Ukraine for obvious reasons). xxx


  1. I know someone who was a volunteer. What an amazing day they must have had!

    Kate x

  2. I watched the opening ceremony and it was great but you, you are just gorgeous!
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  3. I really enjoy all of your posts.

  4. Thanks a lot for enjoying this beauty article with me.

  5. I totally adore this look . It looks so clean and gorgeous at the same time. Easy, fast to achieve and also very IN.

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