Monday, 9 July 2012

Instant Manicure: Elegant Touch Mix It Up Pretty Pastels

Sometimes a girl just wants to have it all.. and why shouldn't you? When it comes to manicures one colour isn't always enough so Elegant Touch have made the ultimate kit for mixing up your shades.
The Elegant Touch press on nails come in sets of 3 colours (36 nails in total) for £6.99 here. I was sent the Pretty Pastels set to trial, but unfortunately as I already have gel nails, I had to find a willing volunteer instead. She chose to go with the more conventional approach of a set the same colour, which just shows that you could have 3 manicures from only one kit!
In less than 10 minutes the nails were applied and felt fairly sturdy, taking much less time than your regular polish manicure to dry. The short length and rounded corners look really natural and elegant, even though my volunteer is of small stature with delicate hands, these nails still looked perfectly in proportion!

I love mixing colours, especially when it comes to groups such as pastels and neons. I think they can look really fun and quirky, without being outlandish...

What do you guys think of mixing nail polish colours? Have you tried any of the Elegant Touch Mix it Up sets? xxx
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