Saturday, 7 May 2011

Work It Out: Instalment Vingt-Neuf

I have had a quiet love of Dorothy Perkin's Closet collection for some time. The 40s and 50s are my favourite fashion eras, a time when women's curves were celebrated and exagerated. I think that Closet definitely draws it's ideas from vintage shapes and their fitted, structured dresses are just beautiful.
 This is the pink asymmetric dress from Closet (now on sale for £35!)
I paired the dress with patent nude DP shoes (on sale for £30!). I often find it difficult to find a true 'nude' as I'm quite pale so many nudes look too brown, or even grey, next to my skin tone. These really are a great colour, and the slight platform makes them comfortable enough for the day too.

I have so many Closet dresses on my shopping list! Here are a few of my favourites:
 Fuschia Belted Flared dress - On sale for £25

Have you seen Dottie P's Closet range? What are your favourite dresses in the range? This post was not sponsored by DP, although looking through it now you can probably see I'm a little obsessed with it at the moment hehe! Which dresses should I buy? I want them all lol ;). xxx


  1. First of all, you look amazing!!! And yes, I love every dress you chose, especially the last 3 (so me!). xxx

  2. You look like Cheryl Cole there! xx

  3. Ooh I love the purple cowl dress!

  4. The coral dress is amazing!! So classic! I have never heard of this line, I'll have to check it out.
    You look gorgeous =)

  5. I don't usually comment, but you look stunning!!!xo

  6. They are all amazing! I am quite curvy like you, but I always try to hide my assets because people always feel the need to comment on them. Hopefully I'll be as brave as you are one day. You look so lovely!


  7. this dress looks really good on you!!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  8. You look gorgeous and i love the shoes! i think you should buy the coral dress next, the shape is just so cute:)

  9. You look so nice and every single one of those dresses is gorgeous!

  10. This dress looks STUNNING on you. Hadn't ever heard of closet before, thanks for posting about it, definitely like their stuff :) xoxo

  11. You look gorgeous hun, I hadn't heard of this range by DP's either thanks for the heads up. You look so slim! I'd be interested in this 5 day detox thing you and your mum do xx

  12. Hi, I have just managed to get my hands on this dress after seeing it online and on your blog, the only thing is mine seems to look longer on so did you have yours taken up a little as it seems to look a lot nicer the length it is on you? :-)


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