Friday, 20 May 2011

Day 2 Night Guide feat. Rimmel

Sometimes the best nights out are impromptu gatherings that happen on the spur of the moment so it's essential to know how you can transform your look from day to night in a flash!
Wardrobe wise if you have enough warning my tip would be to wear a short dress as a top (as long as the neckline isn't too low), with a skirt over it to lengthen and a cardigan to hide bare shoulders or any sparkly details. These can then be whipped off at the end of the day to reveal your party dress ;).

The more spantaneous the night you the more creative you have to be!
  • Add a few accessories (I always have a necklace, statement rings or a brooch floating around in my bag).
  • Always keep some killer heels in your office drawers for emergencies. 
  • If you want big, voluminous hair just scrape hair backwards and tie it in a loose bun after lunch (make sure to tuck the ends in so they don't get kinks). When you are ready to let loose shake your hair out and rake it through with your fingers while keeping your head upside down and you should have gorgeous soft, bouncy waves!
  • Keep a little clutch in your handbag which you can take out in the evening with all your essentials - it's never cool to be that one girl in the club with a bag the size of a pram ;).
For makeup keeping it simple is the key! If you have enough time and handbag space take your makeup with you and start again with a fresh face in the evening. I have done that once this year - for the office Christmas party, the rest of the time I have simply relied on a few staple, multi purpose products.
  • Keep your makeup neutral  and you can easily add colour to it later without trying to compete with the morning's eyeshadow.
  • An eyeliner pencil, 2 eyeshadows and 1 brush are all you really need to create a subtle smokey eye.
  • Keep a bright lipstick in your handbag at all times -  this is the quickest and easiest way to add some colour for the evening. Use it on your lips and cheeks to create statement lips and a healthy rosy glow. I love MAC's Vegas Volt and GOSH Barbie.
  • Don't go overboard on the powder if your skin gets oily throughout the day. Use tissue to blot away excess oil and apply powder lightly to areas that need it.
  • Keep a refreshing face spray such as Liz Earle's Instant Boost Skin Tonic in your handbag. This is great for a little pick me up (especially if you work in an air conditioned space), on planes and for setting or refreshing your makeup throughout the day.
  • Add an extra coat of volumising mascara to pump up those lashes.

I have recently been testing out the Rimmel Glam'eyes Day 2 Night mascara that creates two different lash effects - volume and length, with just one brush. The double cap allows you to pick which style you want by twisting off a different part of the cap.

The length part allows less product on to the brush, which helps define, separate and lengthen the lashes.
 This is great for the day to create a lovely natural, clean lash look.

The volume part allows much more product onto the brush giving a fuller, darker and more dense lash look perfect for night time!
However, as the formulation is quite wet it can make a bit of a mess if you are not careful. This definitely isn't sneeze proof, as I discovered to my horror this morning when my hayfever kicked in midway through application ;).
Overall I think this is a great mascara - affordable and versatile. For me the best way to get a dramatic lash look without clumps is to use volume first to lay down the majority of the product and build up my lashes and follow with length to define and separate.

Have you tried the new Rimmel Day 2 Night Mascara? What are your tips for going from day to night my lovelies? Do you have a special routine or time saving tips? xxx

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  1. Really helpful!! Thanks for sharing :) xx

  2. Really nice and thanks for the tips! Your lashes look lush! xx

  3. This looks like the budget version of MAC's Haute and Naughty Lash, right down to the pink and black packaging. Would be interesting to compare the two....

  4. Hi Natalya!Your blog is really nice!I love your make up tutorials,you do your make up like a professional make up artist,please do more!I want to ask you what eyeshadows you use in these photos.


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