Tuesday, 31 May 2011

New Body Butter Duos from The Body Shop

Whether maneuvering bottles to fit on to the bathroom shelf or packing for a long awaited holiday every girlie girl knows multi-purpose products can be a great space and penny saver. I have so many lotions and potions around the house that storage is becoming a little bit of a nightmare - day cream, night cream, a moisturiser that matches my perfume, hand cream, body butters, a lotion for my legs to prevent hair growth, a rich cream that I use overnight for my feet, a moisturiser with a hint of tan... the list goes on, but unfortunately my suitcase can't stretch to accommodate all of these! Never let it be said that we girls are high maintenance ;).

Being a big fan of Body Butters I was therefore excited to see that The Body Shop were launching a new range of Body Butter Duos in sweet pea, vanilla, macadamia and floral acai (£10 each)  - twin pots containing two types of moisturiser: a light cream for where skin needs less hydration and a rich cream for drier areas.

I was kindly sent the Macadamia Duo, which contains Macadamia extract, Community Fair Trade shea butter, cocoa butter, soya oil, brazil nut oil, organic babassu oil and beeswax. Both butters have a deliciously sweet and nutty fragrance that lasts well on the skin. This duo came with me for a week to beautiful Italy and was put through its paces soothing skin after too much sun, swim and a little bit of gym ;). The lighter side (on the right in photo above) was perfect to apply after a shower or as a hand cream - sinking into the skin quickly without leaving any oily residue, while the thicker cream (on the left) was great as an 'after sun', on drier areas such as elbows, knees and feet, on legs after shaving, or just to prolong a tan.

Fantastic idea, and a great space saver in your suitcase, these body butters are perfect to take on holiday, or just to make more room on your bedside table. I already have the sweet pea scent on my shopping list for when the macadamia runs out ;). Have you tried the new body butter duos? What are your favourite multi-purpose products for the Summer? xxx


  1. I spotted these the other day and thought they were pretty nifty. The Floral Acai one smelt divine! xx

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