Monday, 23 May 2011

Michael Kors Rose Gold

I have wanted a new watch for quite a while. Although I love my silver and pink quartz Dior with it's feminine mother of pearl face the cool tone of the silver doesn't offset a tan very well. I wanted something a bit more fun for the Summer.

Enter stage right Michael Kors. Now I know that everyone has an MK watch these days, which usually puts me completely off, but they are so easy to wear and just the right side of affordable for a 'designer' label. I toyed with the idea for a while - I am not a fan of men's watches or anything chunky, so it was just a case of tracking down in the right size and beautiful rose gold finish, which proved difficult as every stockist seemed to only have the ridiculously large version that made my wrist look like a twig.

However on Friday, completely by chance, I popped into Ernest Jones and there it was! Apparently it had only come in that week, which I took as a sure sign ;). So here it is!

I love it and am now on the search for lots of Rose gold jewellery to match. It sits so well against tanned skin and will make a perfect accessory for Summer!

Are you a fan of Rose gold? What accessories are you currently coveting? Xxx

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