Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Just a trim please...

It has been far too long since I had my hair cut and last week I decided that it was about time to tame the beast. Without hesitation I called up a few salons and booked the first one that had a Friday evening vacancy, which happened to be RUSH on Earl's Court road. To say I was a little apprehensive would definitely be an understatement as my previous experience at RUSH over a year ago was not a pleasant one (too many inches lost and mullet like layers gained). I made sure the appointment was with a different stylist and tried to keep an open mind...
Please excuse the fuzzy photo above, but I thought it would be worthy of documenting the curly mess that was my hair ;).

My lovey stylist Tye was very understanding of what I wanted - 'just a trim', some shapely layers and a little side fringe to add volume. She was absolutely brilliant at made me feel at ease, assuring me she wasn't going to get snip snip happy behind my back, which happens all too often... I'm sure those of you who have long hair can sympathise lol.

As I have mountains of hair it's often tempting to thin it out and make it choppy, but as my hair is naturally curly this quickly turns into quite the frizzy disaster when left to air dry, especially in the Summer. Luckily Tye knew how to cut curly hair and blended everything together with an expert hand.

The finished result was perfect and I'm very pleased with it. I know that RUSH have quite an aggressive marketing scheme on Groupon, their own website, plus a 20% student discount. My friends' experiences have been somewhat hit and miss so I can't vouch for the chain, but I can honestly recommend the lovely Tye if you are ever in the Earl's Court area.

Let me know what you think of the new do ;). xxx


  1. your hair looks amazing!
    I've started to trim my own hair since every time I go to the salon to cut it and ask for a trim, they always cut off inches off! They even ask what's the most they can cut, but when you say one inch at the most, it turns out to be 3-4 inches... so I come out looking like a sad puppy =/

  2. Did they dye it too? If not, what dye is that? Want!

  3. You remind me of jessica rabbit in the last pic:P

  4. Wow, your hair looks stunning hun! So shiny & luxurious(?) looking! The colour is beautiful too, love it! :)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  5. Yes indeed Tye did a Wonderful job; Your Hair is simply Gorgeous.

  6. Your hair looks lovely! Funnily enough I just booked my first hair cut in months as I'm so apprehensive that just a trim will turn into a bob!

  7. absolutely stunning!!!!!!

  8. Your hair looks divine! WOW!

  9. That colour is beautiful, so glossy and shiny - well jel! Haha

    Your hair looks lovely in the top pic, I wish when my hair was a "curly mess" it'd look like that.

  10. I love the before and after pic! So healthy and shiny! Gorgeous! xx

  11. your hair is GORGEOUS doll!! xoxo


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