Tuesday, 17 May 2011

P&G Summer Spa

On Thursday 2nd June P&G will be inviting the Blogging community to take part in the P&G Summer Spa for one on ones with the P&G Beauty Experts, who will be doing tuorials and answering questions at your request. The brand ambassadors include Ben Cooke from Herbal Essences, Nichola Joss from Venus and the gorgeous (and lovely in person too!) Caroline Barnes from Max Factor.

There are lots of ways to get involved and learn from the experts! Firstly, you can vote for your favourite questions from the online poll below: 
Plus, you can also ask your own questions! Do you have any beauty dilemmas or are you just looking out for the new trends? This is your chance to ask the experts! On the night a number of blog questions will be chosen and if yours is picked you will win a P&G Beauty Goody bag filled with the must have products of the season!!!
Please leave your questions in the comments below, as well as an e-mail adress so we can contact you if your question features and you are a lucky winner! I will be publishing the winners after the event on the 2nd of June, so be sure to check back ;).
My personal question would be to Christel Lundqvist from Wella Professionals. With the hot Summer months ahead of us I would love to know what his tips would be for keeping naturally curly/ wavy hair under control in the heat and humidity, and what products he would recommmend that could enhance the curl and tame the dreaded frizz while not weighing the hair down.
Get your questions in ladies, there are lots of wonderful goodie bags to be won ;). xxx
*This is a sponsored post*


  1. I would love to know how to wear a red lipstick through the day without looking too 'in your face'! Red really suits my lips, but whenever I wear red lipstick through the day, I look far too dolled up!!
    Thanks, Megan xx

  2. I'd love to know how to apply bronzer. Each time I attempt to do so I look overdone and a little bit stupid.

    Thank you :)


  3. How do you do flicks with eyeliner?
    When I put eyeliner on the bottom and top I never know how to join it together at the corner and because I have such round eyes, flicks don't look right... HELP :)


  4. I love wearing cream eyeshadows in the summer as I love the fresh dewy look on my eyelids but they always slide and crease by the end of the day. What is the best sort of base I can put on my eyelids to maintain a good crease free colour all day.

    @star100x on twitter

  5. I would love to know the best way to keep your foundation lasting all day? I have quite greasy skin, so probably only make it to lunch time before having to reapply foundation. Any help would be greatly appreciated


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