Sunday, 29 May 2011

New from Batiste...

This Summer Batiste is doing something new... new packaging, new products and a larger size can!

I'm a huge fan of Batiste and use it every couple of days to stretch my style that little bit further in between washes. Since my hair is long I try to wash it every 3 days to keep it healthy and dry shampoo is indispensable for adding that little bit of extra volume on the third day ;). My favourite is the 'hint of colour' medium & brunette, which also works well at hiding roots!

Since I go through product pretty quickly I was excited to see that Batiste have now launched a 400ml can - twice the size, with about 20 applications, but less than twice the price (£2.99 for 200ml and £4.99 for 400ml)!

Batiste has also welcomed a new recruit to their existing range - XXL volume. This version of Batiste helps to add texture and lift to limp hair, while refreshing it and banishing oily roots. Great for use on the go, and much better for your hair than incessant backcombing, I can't wait to give it a try!

What are your favourite products from the Batiste range? Have you tried the new XXL volume? xxx


  1. I love the new coloured Batiste, it's so great not to have the white/grey powder left showing in my darker hair. I'm definitely going to try the volume one, I've only heard great things about it x

  2. oooo i just bought the coloured one, and i already love it. I might have to start a collection !!

    Check out my new blog, just posted an a-z of me tag so take a look :):)


  3. This is such great news. I love Batiste but they do run out a little quick. Thanks for such a great post, will be keeping an eye for the XXL volume one. x


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