Saturday, 25 August 2012

Things I am currently loving!

With work, exam revision, a videoshoot to prepare for and a wedding this weekend I am desperately trying to get some blog posts up for you guys in between! However, with time falling short I thought I would do a little favourites post of things I am currently loving.

This lipbalm is inexpensive and easy to use while on the go. It gives lips a glossy finish with a hint of colour and a shot of moisture. It also has vitamin E and SPF 15 to protect the lips and keep them soft. Yum!
I am not usually a lover of fig scents, but these fragrance sticks give the room a subtle wonderfully delicious, juicy fragrance that is fresh and comforting all at once.

This fragrance is probably an acquired taste, but I am completely obsessed with it. Rose Water and comforting vanilla are enriched with a succulent bite of rose loukoum. 'A tempting and addictive fragrance'... they certainly got the addictive part right, though given the price tag I won't be bathing in it anytime soon!

This is an intensive hydrating duo that leaves my hair silky soft, smooth, light and buoyant. Once again given the price tag I only use this once a week or as a treat, but you can definitely see the difference even after just one wash.

I absolutely adore peplums and am keeping my fingers crossed that they never go out of style as I have purchased numerous tops, dresses, jumpers and jackets with peplum detailing. It's extremely flattering, easy to wear and gives that amazing exaggerated waist silhouette that I lust after. However, if you are feeling a little hesitant about diving into this trend I highly recommend checking out this nifty little leather peplum belt that will look beautiful teamed with... well anything!
I was recently sent a pair of Zaggoras to try and they have become a workout staple, so much so that they are making tri-weekly turns in the washing machine. I can't comment on their exact weightloss properties, but they sure do make you sweat (in places I didn't know I could). They are great to wear when doing aerobic exercise and are flexible and comfortable enough to join you on a run, cycle or even dance class. They are a little pricey, but having worn both the viva and original hot pants styles I can equally recommend both. Personally I think the shorter style is just as good and is a more purse friendly £30 here.

I love my tangle teezer, but sometimes my hair is so knotty that I lose patience. After discovering this amazing little brush from Denman that can be used in the shower I have cut minutes from my routine, and not just any minutes... tangled, frustrating minutes of pain. There are lots of ways to use this little beauty, but my preference is to run it through my hair while I'm rinsing out the conditioner. This makes detangling an absoute breeze for kids and big kids alike ;).

What are the products you are currently loving? I would love to know! xxx


  1. If you have a bodycare near you, the carmex lip balms are for half the price! :) xx

  2. I love carmex in a pot, so I have to try the lip balm!
    And I need to try the detangle brush too! :)

  3. I am loving the Carmex lip balm too. I have 2 of them. I always keep one in the car & the other in my handbag. They're so nice

  4. Carmex has always worked great but I have never liked the smell or the taste! I would definitely buy this carmex since its peach flavored. Do they have other flavors?

  5. Things I am currently loving product Carmex Moisture Plus Lipbalm.




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