Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Work It Out: Installment Dix-Neuf

Mondays call for sensible heels! It's always difficult to drag yourself out of bed on a Monday, so I tend to plan what to wear the night before. There is no better way to beat the morning blues than a new outfit ;).
Dress and belt: Mango. Suede shoes: D&G (notice the sensible chunky heel).

I picked this dress up in Mango this weekend. I actually fell in love with it's cute belt on a different dress (gorgeous camel colour, which is hot this season, but unfortunately clashes with my skin), so when my friend pointed this one out I had to have it ;). I love the simple, clean lines on this dress, as well as the detailing around the shoulders and the simple pleat down the front.

What are your tips for beating the Monday morning blues? I may have done another little spot of shopping this evening to cheer myself up.. but then that's my cure for all ailments ;). xxx


  1. Cute dress! Love it! Although I can't see the details of the belt... is it a bow in the front?

    I beat my Monday blues by shopping during lunch hour while listening to my favorite songs on ipod. Best cure ever! =)

  2. Really nice dress. perfect for work! :)

  3. beautiful dress. i love the belt!

    roxy from http://roxybeautyblog.blogspot.com/

  4. You look lovely! The belt is so cute! <3

  5. that dress is soo cute!


  6. I'm the opposite - I always dress up the most on Mondays. It makes me feel pretty and that helps me get over the Monday blues. Plus it sets a nice tone for the week where you don't have to try as hard b/c you've already made a great impression!

  7. A new dress is the best cure for all pains and aches!


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