Friday, 16 October 2009

New Hair

I love long hair. I have always loved it. I play with it constantly, until people tell me to stop. I think I will be 60 and still have long hair, I can never imagine getting to that stage that all women seem to go through in their 40s when they decide to go for the chop. I have always wondered why that happens!

When I was 12 my hair was so long I could actually sit on it! To be honest it was pretty horrible and a nightmare to wash and dry. I didn't give it that much thought until I went to boarding school. I definitely couldn't fit my super long hair washing ritual into my schedule and didn't want to annoy everyone with my hour long showers each day! So I got it cut to just below my shoulders and since then it has been getting long and then being reigned in for the last 10 years. I'm not very exciting when it comes to hair. Long soft waves, volume at the crown and a side parting (ie. playboy bunny hair) is what I love. If only I could transplant Cheryl Cole's hair, plus her numerous extensions, on to my own head, then I would be forever happy.

Enough of the rambling, I really should not be allowed to post at 1.30am. I just wanted to share with you guys my new hair :). As you may have noticed when I came back from Thailand it was very long, which I loved. However, I did not love all the nasty split ends and the fact that the colour had really been bleached by the sun, so it was turning somewhat coppery, and very orange on the ends. It was time for a trim, and as much as I hate having my hair cut I could not put it off any longer. In the end I was right to be scared as the initial promise of "I'll only take off an inch" turned into 4 inches! I hate it when hairdressers do that! Luckily my hair grows like wildfire and there are always extensions meanwhile.

As for the colour, I decided to go darker for autumn and more red. I always dye my hair at home as I find it a lot easier, cheaper and I like being in control of what I am doing. Sometimes I add my own highlights, but this time I decided I wanted to keep it dark throughout.
I used my favourite hair colour (usually 5.3), but in a deeper red shade. I chose L'Oreal Couleur experte in 3.54 a dark copper mahogany. Unfortunately this photo has bleached the colours somewhat and it looks much more red in real life.

I can't decide whether these photos make me look like the girl from the ring, cousin IT from the Adam's Family or the little hair creature from those 'don't break up with you hair' adverts. What do you guys think?

Have you been brave enough to ever do anything drastic to your hair, or do you experiment within limits like me?  xxx


  1. Dyed my hair, too today! See my blog...
    I really like the red color on you, it brings out your eyes really well!!
    How do YOU add highlights? Which technique do you use? Would be interesting for me as I kind of struggeled today doing it by myself for the first time.
    Have a good grannys birthday!

  2. You look fantastic. You are one pretty girl .. I know your a busy girl so thank you for bloggin <3
    peace and love,

  3. It looks great! It's about the same length as mine is now, but I want mine to be longer! That picture does look a bit like cousin IT :)
    I sooo want to have red hair, but my hair is really really dark and grows really fast so I would have to keep dying it and I don't want to dye it too often, since I've had my hair permed three times and dyed once.

  4. I have been SO experimental with my hair in th past, its been long, bobbed, cropped, highlighted, dyed etc etc - I get bored easily lol xxx

  5. As you know had the chop yesterday, missing my long locks already and feeling the urge to buy extensions!Colour looks gorgeousxx

  6. It looks great and still long. I'm trying to grow my hair right now, have been since last christmas and i've been taking sea kelp which has helped loads!
    I've gone from blonde to dark brown and back again too many times on my own at home and had all the colours under the sun in it, i've decided it's now time to stick with being blonde & to try get it healthy, although I wish it was dark really. :(

  7. it looks lovely, i used always have medium hair and then once i decided to keep it long and went for a chop - i mean it was a big chop - BOB! and i completely regretted it, since then, i really appreciate my long locks - i love long hair, you can do so much to it, and im still gradually trying to grow it longer! so yay to new hair cut!

  8. Goodness. Ive been blonde, to blck, to brown, to red, to blonde, to brown, and now Im blonde again! Not to mention Ive tried hair weaves, glue in extentions, and clip ins!!! My hair is CONSTANTLY changing. Your hair looks friken stunning!!! x

  9. Ah no nothing like the girl from the Ring! Don't scare me before bedtime!

    Did you pick up any beauty products from Thailand? I got young coconut oil and a facial oil with gold flakes in it :)

  10. Hi Natalya :) I'm pleased to nominate you for two blog awards :D

  11. I've got long hair again - finally!!! My hair was halfway down y back about three years ago and then I got a graduated bob - I love it for 6 months and then hated it with a vengeance!!! I can now happily say that my hair is 'long' again and I've loads of fun experimenting with my GHDS on it....

  12. Your hair looks lush but I really wish you hadn't mentioned the girl from The Ring!!! I am too easily scared plus I'm home alone!!!!! lol


  13. Natalya, please tell me what colour have you been using before dying your hai to dark copper mahogany. I've been searching such colour for ages :)


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