Thursday, 15 October 2009


Today was another long, hectic day of Visa chasing around London. If you have ever tried going to Russia with a UK passport you will know what I am talking about... they make it very difficult and expensive for you! Though, I did meet a friend for lunch and managed to have a very brief stroll around Selfridges, which always cheers me up!

The makeup today was done in a hurry, but I thought I would share it with you anyway.
Revlon Colourstay- I never seem to get on with this foundation, though many people love it :(
MUFE concealer
ELF complection perfecting powder to set (the one where they have 4 colours).
NARS laguna bronzer
MAC melba blush  
MAC holiday pallette- using the grey, silver and nude highlight as well as shale
GOSH lime green eyeliner in waterline
Revlon liquid liner
L'Oreal Voluminous mascara
Lips: MAC Vegas Volt with a little peachy pink pigment on top, which ensured it stayed ALL day. I didn't have to touch up once, not even after lunch! Woop!
Since I was running about I wanted to be cosy and warm so I opted for a wool strapless dress from FCUK, with a long sleeved black jersey top underneath. I am sorry the quality is so awful, as the only way I can take these photos is with my video camera (it has a handy remote).

Hope you guys are having a good day and are looking forward to the weekend. I am off to Moscow for my grandmother's Birthday so I will be away till Wednesday. Time for me to go and pack those thermals ;).

Natalya xxx


  1. Lovely! Vegas Volt is one of my favourite lipsticks! x

  2. love that French Connection dress!!You look gorgeous, love the lippiexx

  3. Thank you, Vegas Volt is a must have, it's bright and fun, yet not as dramatic as a red. I love it :) xxx

  4. Gorg! Vegas Volt is the perfect shade for you! x:)

  5. Me thinks I might have to look at Vegas Volt!
    Beautiful as usual! xx

  6. Gorgeous outfit and makeup. Would you mind telling me which shade you use in the MUFE concealer as I am a similar colour skin to you. Thank you xx

  7. Where did you get those boots? So cute!

  8. I don't know how you manage to always look so amazing! You're gorgeous! :)

  9. @Miss I think they were from Dune, last autumn..

  10. @Sarah.. I use the one that comes in a set of 5 shades so there are 3 concealer shades and then one peachy one for under eye circles and one green one for redness. It is the lightest one they make :). Hope that helps! xx

  11. Natash, seriously, ti edesh v Rossiu s russkim passportom? Kak tebe eto udalos? U tebya tol'ko angliiskoe grazhdanstvo ili vse zhe dvoinoe? Budu OCHEN priznatel'na za otvet. Ya ochen' hochu s'ezdit v Rossiu, no u menya tol'ko angliiski passport, no pri etom dvoinoe grazhdanstvo. :(

  12. @Little Rus - No I only have British passport that is why it was so difficult to go as I had to get a Visa.. they make it so hard, and as my mum lives in Moscow it is twice as hard, even though she only has a work permit, and a UK passport. if you are going as a tourist it is a bit easier, as you can get an invitation from the hotel you are staying at. Hope that helps hun!! xxx

  13. Definitely not a fan of COlorstay foundation either. I wish it loved me!!! You're so gorgeous!! x


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