Monday, 29 June 2009

Take Care, Garnier

Last Thursday I attended the Garnier event in Hammersmith along with many of my fellow lovely bloggers. We were told all about their new product launches, such as the Pure Active skin care range with 2% salicylic acid, and learned about their existing lines. I will not bore you all with too many details as many people have blogged about this already, but be prepared for honest reviews of many of the products we were given in our generous goodie bags, as well as others I have been using in the past months :).
Pandadoesmakeup and I :).

As we arrived we were treated to a lovely buffet and some much needed cold drinks as it was boiling outside!Sorry these photos are so rubbish, but I was quite busy chatting and scoffing.. teehee.

We then sat down to a presentation about Garnier's aims, ethos, and of course products. Their main philosophy, as we often hear in their adverts, is to take care of yourself, others and the world around you. To do this they say they harness the power of science to extract the most effective ingredients in nature. I actually really liked this statement, perhaps because I did predominantly biological sciences at university and nature vs. science is close to my heart, and it is great that they can be combined effectively. For example, instead of extracting ingredients from rare orchids they have isolated the key ingredient and have developed a way to synthesise the same ingredient in the lab, thereby still providing us with natural ingredients, but not impacting the environment by chopping down fields of flowers.After the presentation we were let loose on all the goodies and had the opportunity to try out many of Garnier's range as well as ask questions and mingle.

Here is a photo of all the girlies together :).
Afterwards, many filtered off to catch trains and such, but a few of us made our way to Pizza Express for a lovely supper.

I had such a brilliant day and just want to say a massive thank you to the Garnier team for hosting this event and being so generous as well as all the girls for being so friendly, and the gorgeous Nathalie for all her help and advice!

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