Saturday, 27 June 2009


I can't believe it is 28oC in London! It is so hot and sunny, that in true English style everyone has stripped off to the bare essentials, and who am I to question it? Although I am really not a fan of over sharing ie. flabby men walking around with their tops off (why oh why must they subject us to the sight of their beer bellies?) this is the one time I would agree that girls can get away with showing legs and a bit of decolletage during the day while still looking cute.

Today I am off to the park to catch some sun, with my trusty garnier SPF30 in hand, as no amount of tan is worth risking sun damage. Since playsuits are such a hot trend this summer, and perfect for running around in this weather, I wanted to customise this trend and make it my own. I chose this playsuit (from ASOS) for its feminine floral design, that really lends itself to a skirt or dress. I also like the fitted bra top, which has a 50's feel to it with its curved stitching. It is 97% cotton, with 3% elastane so keeps you cool, while having a bit of stretch for comfort. The back is also ruffled which helps it fit in all the right places and not feel too stiff, as can often happen with all-in-ones as it is difficult to create a flattering shape that will fit everyone.
What do you guys think of playsuits? Will you be wearing one this summer?
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