Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Over sharing?

I hope that lingerie posts are not too much over sharing for you all, but to be perfectly honest I think underwear is very important! It can definitely make or break any outfit and influence the way you feel, whether it be sexy, confident, or ready for the challenge of the treadmill.

When I was little I was told that it was important to wear matching underwear just in case I was in an accident. Now I do not remember who said this, or why, or whether they were joking, but from then on I became convinced that if ever I was knocked over by a bus I would definitely not want a washed too many times bra and granny pants exposed (as if this would be my main worry.. hmm). Perhaps it was one of those phrases that has somehow stuck in my subconscious as I always feel somehow incomplete if I do not match, or at least make an effort to do so...

No matter what anyone says, I think lingerie should be designed for women, not for men (though I have nothing against Ann Summers, it definitely fits a gap in the market). Any woman will appreciate a beautiful, well designed and structured bra far more than a man who just wants to know what is underneath it. Therefore, lingerie is something I always buy and wear for myself. I really don't care if that includes Bridgette Jones style control pants, because at the end of the day, if they make me feel better about my body, and make a knockout dress look the way I want it to, then tough luck to all those who may snigger. On the other end of the spectrum, even if I am wearing the plainest clothes, or a stuffy business suit, knowing that underneath it all I am still my girlie self in pretty, feminine lingerie certainly gives me more confidence.

So with this in mind I wanted to share my recent purchases.

When I saw this bra sitting all lonely in the Oasis sale rack I had to have it, despite the lack of matching panties :*( and a smaller size, it was too cute to pass up! I really love the pattern and the lace detail in the centre. I wore it the other day with a plain red dress and the straps, with the blue and pop of red flowers, looked fantastic and really added to the outfit, without giving it a tacky "my bra is showing and it does not match" look.

Today I went to check out the Harrods sale and after hours of drooling over shoes I wandered into the lingerie department. Agent Provocateur immediately caught my eye as they have such beautiful, unique pieces, as well as some scary looking PVC that I will not elaborate on.. eeek!! I have never bought anything from them before, although I have been lusting after their £200 corsets for some time (pictured at top)! Unfortunately none of these or their gorgeous silk dressing gowns were on sale, however they did have some huge reductions. I am talking about bras for £25 here ladies, and a swimsuit for £30... that is Topshop prices!!

Straight away I spotted this Monika set because it was wearable, yet had the cutest detailing on the shoulders. I have never seen a bra with little cap sleeves before. Plus they had it in a D-cup.. hurray!!

If you have a chance then do check the sale out and in the meantime here are a few photos from their website (note how the models are not over inflated for once!) that I have added to my wishlist for when I win the lottery...
This is the most indulgent beauty cabinet, at a staggering £2500 *gasp*!!Do you like high-end lingerie? Is it something you would spend money on? What do you ladies think?


  1. Oh I LOVE that beauty cabinet!!
    I love lingerie too, you're right about it making a difference to how good you feel in an outfit. I used to have a major addiction but that's now been taken over by makeup and nail polish!

  2. I totally agree that lingerie should be designed for women! As the owener of a pair of Ecup somtimes F cup boobs there's nothing I love more than a lovely,pretty and well fitted bra(no matter the cost) and not some bit of lace that barely holds me in!!!

    I love love love that Beauty Cabinet

  3. It's all adorable and I love the cabinet!

    I have a DD chest, and it pays to get the extra engineering!

  4. I always buy nice lingerie, makes me feel better and I love pretty things. Agent Provocateur has so gorgeous pieces, i have a few! TKMAXX has some great designer underwear for cheap, Elle Mcphearson, Betty Jckson, Calvin Klein etcxx

  5. There is no way this is over sharing honey! Lingerie is very important...I cleared out my drawer the other day and realised I seriously need to update it...such a shame to do it all at once costs money that right now, I just don't have :( Loving the newbies for you though, sale time is the best to buy lingerie in my feel you're splashing out but the prices are fab! xxx

  6. Beautiful! Nothing makes me feel nicer than some pretty, lacy lingerie - not oversharing at all ♥

  7. I must admit, I can easily be tempted by beautiful lingergie... That's one of my things. I feel prettier when I've got something really nice like that on... And yes, I do buy expensive pieces sometimes. x

  8. I am a bit agent provacateur fan ... although it can be difficult getting bra's to fit my boulders!!
    Your purchases are gorge ... love that cabinet too - i once seen one in a vintage store but someone had got to it before i did!! loved it xx

  9. I don't think you're oversharing at all! I think lingerie is important! Speaking of which, I think I need to update mine lol Everything you bought is way cute!

    And I HAVE to ask...where did you find that beauty cabinet? I'm moving out and am looking for something EXACTLY like that! Idk if I'll pay that price but I may be able to search around. I swear my jaw dropped when I saw that picture lol

  10. I just blew my entire spend on underwear for my wedding and was given several naughty little numbers from my best mates at my hen weekend! It's sooo worth it!

  11. That cabinet is fab.

  12. I definitely agree with you about how lingerie can make an is so important to wear the right bra therefore ladies GET MEASURED it will make a world of difference towards how your clothes fit and will also give you bucket loads of confidence.


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