Thursday, 11 June 2009

Animal Instinct contest

I have wanted to enter this contest for a while as I love animals and thought that this was a great theme. Thank you Panda Does Makeup aka Rebecca!!

My inspiration was a giraffe as it is my favourite animal. I think they are beautiful, gentle and serene creatures :).
This is a giraffe I met in Moscow zoo.. I think he took quite a liking to me ;).

I took inspiration from his rusty colour, angular pattern and of course those adorable long eyelashes and round eyes to create this mask.
Products used:

Revlon colourstay foundation
Bobbi Brown concealer

eyes and mask:
Rimmel soft khol pencil in brown
MAC- vanilla, wedge, espresso, gesso e/s
Inglot dark brown e/s
ELF duo cream eyeshadow in butter pecan (the dark brown side)
MAC painterly paint pot (to clean up edges of shapes, I used this as pretty much a concealer)
Covergirl lashblast mascara
Red cherry lashes

Rimmel soft khol pencil in brown
BarryM 101
MAC Vanilla e/s

My bf thought this was hot, but weird... with more accent on the weird ;) hehe.

Hope you guys like it anyhow!!


  1. Thanks so much for entering! I love the way you say you 'met' the giraffe. I always think like that when I go to zoos, I talk to them too without realising... maybe that's just me!

  2. @rebecca Yay, glad you like it!! I do think of animals as people, they have their own personalities after all! Though I was watching that baby monkey program last night and it really scared me... Did you see it?

  3. Ahh no I missed it... I did see it was on though, the kinda thing I get a weird joy out of watching, haha!

  4. damnnn ur one exotic giraffe hottie! :) i love it, how creative!!!! man....I'm so blessed to be surrounded by the likes of the creativity I come in contact with on love it hon!

  5. Looks stunning! I love the way it is dramatic yet you can wear the eyeshadow make-up on it's own and it will still look good.

    I also saw that baby monkey program the other night, v. disturbing! Why not just adopt a child!? A baby monkey is bizarre.

  6. Wow! Excellent job there! Good luck! :) xx

  7. this is amazing, i love it! You have totally turned this in to a work of art on your face, so well done! Id like to see a parrot or a bird of paradise next, you could get those bright coloured feathered lashes ooh im excited i might do it! xxx

  8. this is amazing, you're very talented. you really nailed the look!

  9. this is amazing - i tried to do a giraffe as this is one of my fave animals but it looked rubbish - you have amazing talent!

  10. Wow, this look is simply beautiful! The eye makeup is lovely & you cut the crease like a pro. The look is wearable without the giraffe spots & overdone lips as well. You're gorgeous by the way.

    One of the ladies on Blogger did looks based on zodiac signs. I would love to see your interpretation of your own zodiac sign :)


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