Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Delicious shoes...

I'm not too sure if they taste good, but judging by their name (they really are called delicious) and appearance I would not be surprised if they did ;). They are from Carvela, and can be found here on their website.
I spotted these babies yesterday in Harrods on sale from £75.00 down to £39.00 and had to have them. I have needed a new pair of black shoes for a while as my former go-to heels are hideously battered after too many nights out.

My pictures really do not do them justice as on the foot they are truly adorable. The bow detail and the cut out on the side make them a perfect pair of smart, yet girly black evening heels, without any tackiness or too much bling.

I haven't been this excited about a pair of shoes for a while, perhaps it is because I know I will wear them frequently as they go with so many of my dresses. Many shoes that I buy on sale are an impulse purchase and after the initial thrill they are lovingly tucked away in my wardrobe never to be seen again. I have them all lined up in rows like brave little soldiers, waiting for their first battle with my feet. Though far too often I feel that wearing them will ruin them (usually true) or I just can't face the wearing in process, which usually results in feet so sore and blistered that I can't walk properly for a week (yup, the shoes win).

These, I tell myself, shall be different!

I may have mentioned before that KG, along with Carvela are my favourite high street-ish shoe designers. They are having a massive sale at the moment and their website features all the latest deals.... there is 51 pages of sale and I have been drooling over many of them for a while! It is deffinitely worth a look, and although I do not recommend ordering them from the website, as shoes are definitely something you need to try on, at least you can have an idea in mind of what you are looking for on your next shopping trip. I find those racks of sale shoes really confusing (mostly because I want them all), so it is always great to plan ahead :).

Good luck girls!
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