Friday, 15 June 2012

New Shoes!?

Even though I am currently trying to control my spending (trying being the operative word) I can never let a Kurt Geiger sale pass me by without at least one iddy biddy purchase. After my friend made me count the number of shoes I own that I have either never worn, or only worn once, my shopping guilt has trippled, but when I saw these beauties I decided that it would be a credit card kind of day. Ooops!
These are the Kurt Geiger Assemble stilettos (now £85 down from £120 here). I love the high, elegant heel, the bow detail and the deep cut.
My justification was that they are perfect for work and go with all my little office ensembles... but unfortunately I am now staring in lust at the glittery white and blue versions too. I need professional help!!
Am I alone in my shoe obsession? Have you got your eye on anything in the Kurt Geiger sale this season? Do you know a shoe addiction when you see one? xxx


  1. dont worry, you are not alone. Im like you, just like mmost girls. :)


  2. Im like you ,you will be like most girls gogo

  3. Don't worry missy, I bet most girls are obsessed with shoes,clothes,make up,jewelry,bags,etc.. It's basically our weakness though. I am also a shoeholic and bagaholic.. I have 30 pairs of shoes,25 pairs of sandals,17 pairs of boots (of any kind) weeee!!! now you see, it's not just you so CHEERS!! :*


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