Monday, 25 June 2012

L'Oreal Miss Candy Collection

Pastel colours were all over the runways this Summer so I was excited to see that L'Oreal have brought out a new collection of candy colours for eyes, lips and nails. The collection features a fun selection of mouth watering, sugar sweet swirls of sparkles and shimmering shades.

Miss Candy Glam Shine lip glosses give a great twist on the classic glam shines with contrasting  swirls of shimmery and creamy colours. They are available in 6 glistening shades for £7.69 here.
Left to Right: 710 Pink Treat, 711 Nude BonBon, 703 Tart Lollipop, 712 Dolce Pralina, 
709 Miss Candy
My absolutely favourite part of this collection is the gorgeous assortment of candy cane nail polishes. There are 10 shades to choose from ranging from effervescent pastels to tangy brights at £4.99 each here.
Left to Right: 202 Marie Antoinette, 101 Opera Ballerina, 305 Dating Coral, 601French Riviera, 213 Sassy Pink, 616 Innocent Turquoise, 304 Spicy Orange.

I was so excited when these colours landed on my office desk that I almost gave myself a mini manicure straight away! I chose the gorgeous creamy 601 French Riviera to set off my (spray) tan. I absolutely love the summery colour with a hint of shimmer, though it is quite sheer so it needed 3 coats to build to an opaque finish.
The last part of the collection is a trio of Miss Candy Color Infallible eye shadows. These colours promise to be waterproof, long lasting and crease resistant. Each shade has a mix of contrasting flecks adding depth and interest and retails at £6.99 here.
 Left to Right: 32 Sassy Chamallow, 36 Naughty Strawberry, 31 Innocent Turquoise.

Have you seen L'Oreal's Miss Candy Collection in stores? What do you think of their selection of colours? I love pastel shades and am really excited to have a play with these over the summer! xxx



  1. Tomorrow I will definitely be seeing if I can pick up a few of those nail varnishes! French Riviera and Marie Antoinette look absolutely beautiful. I really want to paint my nails as shown on the model. It looks so pretty and summery.

    French Riviera looks so pretty on you, I'm the palest of the pale.. hope I can still pull it off!


  2. It's a funny thing for me - I know I won't be buying the products, but I just ADORE their tv ad. :)

  3. wow! how pretty is this collection? I love it!

  4. I absolutely love the summery colour with a hint of shimmer, though it is quite sheer so it needed 3 coats to build to an opaque finish.

  5. love this! your 3000th follower!:)

  6. Love that nail colour, its gorgeous.
    I've got the lipgloss in Pink Treat as well and it goes gorgeously over a deeper pink lipliner.

  7. i love this new summer collection the new eyeko mascara are gorgeous is well if you happen to shop on their website plz use my code
    MY CODE IS:E19038
    as i'm a ambassador and if you spend over £15 you get a free gift applies to oversea residents as well also it's free delivery in the uk THANX X

  8. You suit pink so much! Plus, you just can't beat a hot pink and black.

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  9. Seems that the lip gloss colors are too sheer.
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  10. The assortment of candy cane nail polishes looks very cute ! I love the colors, this is so fresh !

  11. I just won all these in a goody bag from a facebook comp :) cant wait to experiment! :)

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  13. Loreal Miss candy collection is shown on the post here. Read all about it




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