Monday, 1 August 2011

Volume in minutes feat. Babyliss Root Boost

My most requested hair tutorial is for big, voluminous hair and Kim Kardashian is always top of the list!
Her hair is always super glossy and bouncy and retains its volume despite the long length. Of course she does have some help from extensions, but (perhaps from watching too many episodes of Keeping Up) I have noticed that her hair is also very smooth and not at all tangled.
If you don't have an army of hairdressers to pump up the volume in your hair, even after the perfect blow dry you may find that your hair falls flat quickly. Normally I would recommend a little teasing to keep the height, but if you hate not being able to run your fingers through your hair then this may just be the product for you!
The Babyliss Root Boost is a fun little crimper that creates texture at the root to help your sky high volume last without the tangles of backcombing. All you have to do is crimp the roots a few inches below your parting, which takes just minutes, then shake the crimps out a little for instant va-va-voom hair...
You can see the results in the tutorial below! :)

If you have fine hair that falls flat quickly, I would recommend using a little hairspray on the roots before crimping for added hold. I normally skip this step and find that the volume still lasts for 2/3 days. All I need to do is shake the crimps a little to pump it up!

Have you tried the Root Boost or any similar mini crimping tools? What are your secrets to volume that lasts? xxx
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