Saturday, 20 August 2011

Browsing ASOS

I have had a bit of a love/hate relationship with ASOS recently. From the modest beginnings of the website I was obsessed with it, recommended it to all my friends, and browsed through it during more luchtimes than I would care to admit to. However, as they have expanded I feel that the quality of many of the products has deteriorated somewhat, and although this is understandable with the sheer volume of products on the site, it still seems a shame. Though there are some great pieces to be found it is a little too hit and miss for my liking. I have all too often dragged a bulky box home only to try everything on and promptly send it all back. After a botched delivery... or seven (they delivered the wrong bag thrice, which was actually a present so rather marred the celebrations) and a lack of a timely reconciliation I vowed to bid farewell to ASOS for a little while. However, while I'm sitting here perusing the new ASOS magazine I can't help but add a few things to my basket, so here are some of my favourites on the site at present...
Midi Dress with Pussybow - £40.  Love! Mad men inspired, gorgeous colour, office appropriate hemline. This one has already made its way into my basket ;).
Full Midi Skirt in Oversized Heritage Check - £50. Amazing for Autumn, would love to wear this with super high wedges to contrast the seasons.
Midi Skirt with Equestrian Print - £45. A classic, Gucci-esque print updated with pleats.
Chiffon Sleeve Panel Top - £25. A lot of burgundy here! The chiffon sleeves are beautiful and feminine.
Pussybow Chain Print Dress - £45. Gorgeous chain print and flattering draping. Would anyone guess this is just £45?

Have you spotted anything exciting on ASOS recently?


  1. I adore red berry colours for autumn! I've always loved ASOS and never had any problems with them, fingers crossed you won't have any more hiccups with the orders and delivery anymore.

  2. I love those two long skirts so pretty!

  3. wow i love the midi dress and the equestrian midi skirt so pretty :) Good luck with your order this time :D maybe asos have learnt from their mistakes :)

  4. The berry colours look amazing!! I have the same kinda love-hate relationship with ASOS! Everything looks amazing on screen... until you try it on yourself!

    Eff x

  5. I've kind of given up on ASOS. The quality just isn't worth the price and the hassle. They definitely know how to make the clothes look good on the website though.

  6. Georgeous, what about this dress?

  7. Love the berry colours also - that maroon shade is really making a comeback!



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