Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Seasonal Favourtie - Jergens Naturals

Sometimes in the flurry of trialing numerous products I forget to write about the ones I use on an every day basis. These staples may not be quite as exciting as the new releases and limited editions that catch my eye, but they are the tried and tested products that I really rely on and can wholeheartedly recommend.

One of these products is the Jergens Naturals range. I go through moisturising cream like nobody's business so as much as I love indulging in premium products it's just not sensible to slather myself in them every day. Jergens Naturals moisturisers have been an absolute must have for me this summer. They are so easy to apply as they soak in quickly and leave no greasy residue, while moisturing well and mainatining hydration throughout the day. Being 94% natural I have also found them to be very soothing (particularly the Aloe version with eucalyptus and cucumber) on both dry and sensitive skin.

My favourite of all the different 'flavours' is definitely the Cocoa Butter. It smells delicious in a sweet, but not overpowering way, and with extracts of cocoa butter, olive oil, oatmeal, avocado, jojoba seed, sunflower seed oil and vitamin E it is luxuriously moisturising without sitting heavily on the skin.
I'm also a fan of the simple packaging - no fiddling with pumps or balancing bottles upside down, the bendable tube and wide opening let you get every last drop of product with no wastage. It's perfect when applying in a hurry, especially if you're like me and after hiding your pale pins under tights for far too long realise that it's time to let them see the sun!

I was first introduced to the Jergens brand while shopping in the US, and subsequently was sent PR sampples to try. I am happy to report that Jergens Naturals are now also widely distributed in UK supermarkets and pharmacies (I have previously purchased them from Tesco's and Boots) so they are easy to get hold of and are often on offer. Currently, I have spotted them in Superdrug here at almost half price, making 200ml just £2.99.

Have you tries the Jergens Naturals range? What are your got to moisturisers?


  1. I love Jergens, but I haven't tried the Naturals products. My favorite lotion right now is an off-brand Walgreens version of the Jergens aloe moisturizer, it has no mineral oil!

  2. I really like Jergens lotions. The glow graduial tanners are fabulous and look so natural.

    great post



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