Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Côte d'Azur

Last week I returned from a fabulous extended weekend in the South of France to celebrate my mama's 50th birthday. Unfortunately I was only able to get 2 days off work (boo), but sticking to mama's very full daily timetable I feel like I made very good use of my, albeit limited, time. Even the shortest trip can reinvigorate you!
We stayed at a beautiful villa between Nice and St Paul de Vence (which you can just see above). This was the view from my balcony - absolutely breathtaking!!
This was one of my favourite views while driving from Nice to the tiny, picturesque village of Eze. Apparently this little peninsula boasts the mot expensive land per sq.m. in the world! I guess it's not hard to see why - plus it's perfectly placed between Nice and Monaco.
With the sweltering heat I tried to keep cool in lots of summer dresses. The above was gifted to me by Motel and worked perfectly as it protects shoulders from the sun, while still being floaty, light and feminine.
I had my eye on this Ted Baker maxi for quite some time and finally caved while in T5... hehe ;). I absolutely adore their dresses as they make them long enough for a giant like me!!
No trip to France would be complete without wine tasting!!

At the Chateau de Cremat in Nice we spotted the Chanel 'CC' logo embedded into the architecture and found out that in fact the signature was invented by the original owners of the chateau and Coco Chanel actually first saw it there. The owner gave her the logo and let her trademark it at the opening of the first Chanel store!

Unfortunately I documented most of the trip on my mama's brand new camera, but I hope you enjoyed my little selection of snaps :).
We had such a fabulous time in the south of France and absolutely can't wait to go back! xxx


  1. I love that part of the world - if you go back I'd recommend Mougins which is just gorgeous and a good drive along the Grande Corniche which run from Nice to pretty much Italian border. The views are like nothing I've ever seen.

    Gorgeous photos - made me want to return to St Paul - love it there.

  2. Is that the chanel symbol on the window? xD


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