Monday, 21 March 2011

Urban Turban

With the days getting warmer I am beginning to slowly detach myself from furry hat and gloves.. slowly. Though as my head is now feeling a little naked I decided to explore some lighter headgear - a turban.
Surprisingly versatile and easy to wear a turban makes a great accessory to leather jacket and maxi dress alike. I first fell in love with the style on Carrie, but wasn't sure it would really catch on...
Luckily it has!
I know a turban will not be an accessory for everyone, and there are some that have tried to embrace it, but have fallen a little short of the mark. As stunning as Nicole is that colour/style just doesn't quite do it for me.
 Though frankly anything that hides a bad hair day, while looking stylish, is a must have for me.
I purchased this budget friendly turban from for £6, but there are plenty more exciting colours and fun styles to chose from out there!

Have you ever worn a turban? What do you think of the style? xxx
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