Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Foxy Megan for Armani

Many of you have probably seen the stunning adverts for the Armani code fragrance featuring Megan Fox. The imagery is absolutely beautiful and very sexy. I love Megan's Chicago (the musical) inspired sleek, angular bob and creamy skin, proving that pale can be beautiful.
If you want to recreate the look, or are wondering what was used to achieve her pure porcelain glow the product breakdown is as follows: -

Lips - Rouge d'Armani 400 
Skin - Luminous Silk Foundation N° 2
Eyes - Armani eyeshadows (N° 2 and N°11) and eyes to kill excess mascara (N°1).  
Have you tried Armani Code? I love the Men's fragrance, but am yet to try the Women's! 
What do you think of Megan's smouldering new look? xx
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