Wednesday, 23 March 2011

OOTD - Newly Minted

The first ray of Sun this weekend made me giddie with excitement. Spring has finally decided to spring! Putting aside my coat I decided to ditch the layers in favour of something lighter and brighter.
This asymmetric bell sleeve tunic from Topshop makes a perfect transition piece into Spring. I love the delicate mint green and kimono inspired sleeves.
Since the top has so much volume and movement I paired it with leather(esque) trousers from Oasis. The Sun didn't do these any favours, they thankfully didn't look nearly as shiny in person!
Thigh high boots (ZARA) aren't something I would ever wear in the day, but I thought they would be quite fun for picture purposes.. and to scare the passers by.
My necklace is from Talullah Tu, purchased about a year ago it's unfortunately no longer on the site, but here are plenty more that I am eyeing up! ;).

I have previously also paired this top with a Reiss mint belt to cinch in the waist and add a little more shape.

Are you as excited as I am for Spring? What are your key fashion pieces for the new season? xxx

P.S. If you ever wanted to see what my hair is like left naturally to its own wild ways.. tah dah! Curly Wurly!


  1. love the summery top and the boots!!amazing! xxcheck out h and m and their spring collection gorgeous colours like this and prints xx

  2. GORGEOUS PHOTOS! And your street looks so pretty :) Your hair is nice natural and curly wurly, think you should wear it like that more often! xoxo

  3. wow you look amazing, such a perfectly pastelly colour on you :) xx

  4. Omg you look perfect...what a doll!

  5. These pictures are making my excited for sunny days!! Any day now in San Francisco! You're natural hair is pretty. I would never have guessed it was originally curly, in photos your hair looks smooth

  6. love the top !!!
    and i love spring its really exciting xoxo

  7. Love the colour of your top, so nice and summery!

    Check out our blog!

    Tullulah Belle

  8. i think your hair looks really good like this :)

  9. Ahh your hair is just like mine!!!

  10. Just can't wait till it get's warmer so I won't need a jacket! Just so looking forward to spring! And this is a great outfit for a sunny day!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  11. You look sooo gorgeous, love the mix of the soft floaty top and rock chick leggings:)

    esha xx

  12. Loving your hair like that!!

  13. I kinda like the curly wurly hair! You look gorgeous! This sunny weather is making me very excited for spring! xxx

  14. Совершенно замечательные кудряшки, очень задорные! Ожерелье и туника тоже классные, прям бабочковые!
    А у нас пока холода и снега, к сожалению. У меня к весне накуплены заколки-цветы в волосы, яркие блески для губ и новый плащик, пока лежат, ждут своего часа ;)


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