Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Lipsticks Made For Me

When running low on time I find the best way to look polished is to apply a statement lipstick. I have quite a few L'Oreal lipsticks in my collection as they have a great range of colours, are never drying and are easily accesible and affordable (£8.19 @ Boots, but often on offer). I was therefore excited to try the new L'Oreal Color Riche 'Made For Me' collections - Intense and Nude!
Above and left - Nude No. 380 Luminous Coral. Below and right - Intense No. 371 Pink Passion.
Both of these lipsticks are well pigmented with a lovely, creamy texture that feels smooth and hydrating, giving a subtle sheen to the lips, without being glittery. Like most L'Oreal lipsticks these have the traditional 'lipstick smell', which I personally like as it reminds me of playing with my mama's treasured lipsticks when I was little, but I know it is not to everyone's taste. The packaging has a gold metal look, but is in fact plastic and feels very light, and a bit cheap. Since the lid can only be replaced with the cusp at the front it is quite easy to crack the plastic if you are not careful.
I wore Pink Passion (371) this weekend and loved the intensity of the colour. It also lasted well, even through a meal, as it stained my lips a little. However, as you can see below on my lips this colour was a lot more orange than it appears in the bullet.
 I think this makes a perfect Summer coral shade and I can't wait to try it with a tan!
Luminous Coral (380) is a more wearable peachy shade with a neutral base.When applied lightly it gives a beautiful tint, but is also buildable to a more intense saturation of colour as below.
Have you tried L'Oreal's Color Riche Lipsticks? What are your favourite shades? To see other colours in the range just click here. xxx


  1. Love that colour!
    Follow us and we'll follow back:-)

  2. L'Oreal Color Riche was my first ever lipstick that I bought myself! :) Brings back memories, I can't remember what the colour was now though, maybe worth having a look at the current colours, see if there's anything I like :) Xxx

  3. Love this colours, so so pretty. :)

  4. love the coral color :)) thanks for the swatches

  5. They are made for you! You look fab, as usual...I couldn't pull that one off to be honest!

  6. Oooh Pink Passion looks nice on, even if it is a bit different from the bullet. So summery, can't wait for more sunshine :)

  7. wow loving that colour, im definitely going to go buy a L'Oreal lipstick now!

    and i love your hair colour too!

  8. Oh wow! That pink looks gorgeous, i agree with you though very orange on you x


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