Thursday, 19 August 2010

Work It Out: Installment Seize

I have been somewhat uninspired in the fashion stakes lately. Perhaps it is this horrid dull weather, or just the realisation that summer has well and truly run its course, but I seem to have very little energy in the mornings, and my snooze button gets more of a work out each day. Nevertheless, here is another little show and tell of my daily wardrobe debaucle.
Cardigan: French Connection (I also have this in a purple plum colour, so easy to wear and versatile). Black lace cami (just seen): M&S. Fishtail skirt: M&S. Black suede pumps (now retired to the Italian rain) Zara.
For makeup to play up the green in my eyes I used all MAC all that glitters with a little bit of mulch in the crease. Liner as always is L'oreal and I am still loving the Estee Lauder sumptuous volume lifting mascara. Over two months and it is still going strong! For lips I am obsessed with the Clarins instant light glosses, they smell absolutely amazing and give a lovely, sheer natural finish.

I hope you are all well lovelies. Any requests for posts? I need inspiration to get out of the rainy gloom :) xxx


  1. very cute! i like the cardigan a lot


  2. So, so pretty and I love that color on you!

    Liesl :)

  3. Natalya just let me say that at least on those rainy streets people will find a way to brighten their day when they see the lovely turquoise lady down the road.. ehehe :)



  4. I've followed your site for a while, but never posted. Just wanted to say you always look so nice/immaculate! Could you please do a post on how you do your hair using the curling wand - it's hard to imagine your hair is curly/frizzy, as it looks perfect. My hair is so mad when I've just washed it and if I sleep with it when it's damp, it's still damp the next morning! The only thing that works for me is straightening it, so I'd be interested to see how the curling wand works without straightening it first. Thanks, Sonia

  5. That cardigan looks lovely. I love your outfits :)


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