Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Work It Out: Installment Dix-Sept

As you may have noticed I am not really a fan of trousers. Since I am tall and have an hourglass figure (with a high waist and wide hips) finding trousers that fit in the right places (read: love handles) is near impossible. I have, however, been loving the recent trend for 'peg-leg' cropped trousers. Sophisticated and chic they are the quintessential 'grown-up' trouser. I have been desperate to find a pair that would work with my shape, but have found most of them to accentuate the hips and flatten the bottom, which is never a good combination. For tailored trousers I tend to stick to wider leg options to try and balance out my hips, but not only are they quite masculine and dull they also limit my shoe choices. Size five stilettos peeping out below a wide trouser is not a flattering way to work proportions.

After seeing these on a friend I decided to put my fears aside and order a pair online, which I never do with trousers. I am happy to report that I was pleasantly surprised. Although they are not perfect as they are a little too short in the body (and the legs) I decided to keep them before I completely miss out on the trend!
Ruffle shirt: Mango. Cropped Trousers and tan belt: River Island. Cardigan: M&S. Black croc pumps: Faith. They also look great with heels!

I really love the pleating at the front, but because they tend to ride up the pleats can create a little too much volume in the area. I personally think they suit the slimmer figure and create feminine curves for narrower hips. I'm not too sure if I can quite pull them off, they may just be that elusive style that I always think looks beautiful on others...

What do we think of 'grown-up' trousers? Have you been able to make them work for you? Are there any other trends you love on others, but can't quite wear yourself? xxx


  1. That's such a lovely look! I <3 the pants with the skinny belt! And your hair looks beautiful too. xxx

  2. ^ I agree totally with Anna, the skinny belt makes them look very flattering on you! Cute cuffs on the top :)

    Sophie xx

  3. i absolutely LOVE the trousers! i'm obsessed with them :)


  4. ehhehe Love seeing maxie right next to you while you take your pictures hehe ..

    Lovely little kitty


  5. Love those trousers with the blouse!

  6. Don't doubt this look at all, you look absolutely great and so chic!

  7. I have a figure similar to urs I think minus the tall and leggy part ;-)
    I can't wear wide leg pants as they make me look even more stumpy. And there needs to be some waist definition and structure in anything as my waist is my smallest part - if that's lost then I look awful! Eeep

    Those pants look good from here but if you're not comfortable in them it will always show!

  8. it looks good on you :)



  9. Il ove the trousers on you Natalya, so chic, I want some! I have some similar from Topshop in a light tan but loving the darker colour with belt xx

  10. That outfit looks fabulous :) And the trousers definitely suit your figure, silly!! :)

  11. Hi Natalya! Those trousers look great on you! Which ones are they on the River Island website? I'd love to buy a pair! x

  12. I don't really like that kind of trousers and wouldn't wear them myself. But I love your whole outfit, especially the shirt and the way you wear than gorgeous belt.

  13. I personally think they look great on you. You pull them off perfectly! wish i could wear them, but I have the same fears as you lol... but maybe I'll try the trend now. I think you make it work :)


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