Monday, 9 August 2010

London Zoo Lates

Throughout August London Zoo is open late (until 10pm) every Friday. Luckily, my lovely bf booked tickets weeks ago, as they sold out quickly. I love animals, and we all know I love cocktails (hehe) so there was no better way to start the weekend than with a few glasses of Pimms while ambling around London Zoo after work.
I would highly recommend it to everyone as a fun evening out. Just make sure to eat beforehand or arrive early with lots of cash as the queues for food/ drinks get very long and only cash is accepted at the tills. We managed to circumvent the queues by eating at the seafood/ oyster bar, which was predictably empty compared to the BBQ/ burger stands, but I know seafood isn't for everyone ;).
 The rain-forest enclosure is definitely a must-see. These little monkeys were too adorable for words!!

If you haven't noticed yet, my favourite animals are giraffes. Who are your favourites lovelies? xxx


  1. i love zoos! i don't have a favourite animal but i do enjoy seeing water mammals. have you fed a giraffe before? i have to say, it's a pretty interesting experience :p


  2. Oh I love animals! I have too many favourites but I absolutely love elephants.. and monkeys.. and owls and dogs haha and manyyyy others!

  3. i love going to the zoo, my fave are penguins lol :)

  4. My favourite animal is a snow leopard. Such beautiful blue eyes :)

    Kelly x

  5. Mine are giraffes too, my boyf calls me a giraffe as I am 6ft 1. I suppose I feel like I have a connection with them :P xx

  6. I love sloths. When I was a kid I would spend hours just looking at them in the zoo. I don't know what it is about them but I've always loved them and always thought they were so cute! (:

  7. My favorites would be my little sweetie monkeys heheh


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