Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Lady in red...

Just a quick outfit of the night post from last week :). After work I had to rush home and change before heading out for dinner and drinks. I didn't really think this outfit through as I had just dyed my hair the night before and it was looking very red.. lol! Apologies for the colour overload ;).

The dress is from Topshop about 3 years ago. I love the detail around the bust, the longer length and the tie at the back (see later photos). I have quite a few dresses in this material, as they always have amazing colours that stay vibrant no matter how many times you wash them, and look fantastic in flash photography (as you can see above). However, in reality the fabric is very synthetic and unfortunately shows absolutely every bump.
These amazing patent black shoes are from Etro, a brand not often talked about in the UK. I actually got these in America. I'm not too sure if Etro is really available here, has anyone heard of them? Perhaps I am just out of the loop ;).
 Makeupwise I had a 5 minute turnaround slapping on some Nars Sheer Glow as concealer on top of whatever foundation I was already wearing (make up sin!). I also added some natural(ish) falsies from lash royalty and patted on a hot pink body shop lipstick to create a stain that lasted most of the night.

Though I had no need to worry about my lipstick fading... As you can see by this series of 'action shots' (I love the way he is just pushing my face away lol) Maxie didn't want a kiss anyway. He says he is too old for them now ;(.

Note to self: Do not force your affection on grumpy kitties and do not trust boyfriend with camera! xxx


  1. Lol I'm loving the kitty action shots! You look lovely in red and those shoes are completely to die for!! :)

    Eye to The Keyhole

  2. hehehe maxie is such a sweet little kitty.. I now moved because I am studying abroad and I already miss my two dogs :( I can't even think about it or else I'll start tearing up.. look gorgeous once again and the makeup..well no need to say anything. your hair also looks very fancy ! hehe


  3. Your hair looks gorgeous and those shoes are amazing! :)

  4. I love your cat Maxie , so sweet :-) and you're really looking good with red !


  5. Amazing shoes! Have to say at first glance I winced at Maxie in action. My cat would draw blood! Glad he's more peacable :-)

  6. love the shoes and hair


  7. I'm seconding Gem's comment, your hair looks so shiny and healthy in these pics.

  8. i love your hair color its gorgeous! do you do it yourself or do you go to the salon? <3

  9. Hi, I love your shoes! So gorgeous ^_^!


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