Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Liz Earle The Next Chapter - Haircare

A few weeks ago I was invited to the Liz Earle flagship store to learn about Liz's new venture - Haircare.

Six years in the making, a range of shampoos and conditioners has been their most requested product, and with over 100 variations trialed in three years this is definitely a launch to be excited about. In keeping with Liz Earle's ethos of using natural ingredients wherever possible this range is SLS/SLES free. The premise was to create a shampoo that would foam like any other on the market, but instead of using a harsh detergent to create a lather a gentle natural wash active was used (SLM1- sodium lauroyl methyl isethionate). This haircare is therefore suitable for sensitive, dry and eczema prone skins while being very gentle and promising not to strip colour.

The fragrance in the shampoos and conditioners is 100% natural and smells absolutely beautiful. It is made up of 8 essential oils and 1 pure extract. Cirus, floral, warm and refreshing, this is a scent that really lasts in the hair.

The range consists of the botanical shine shampoo, suitable for all hair types, and three conditioners tailored to dry/damaged, normal or oily hair.

The Botanical Shine shampoo contains Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Apple and Orange Extracts (same principle as cider vinegar, to flatten the cuticle and make hair shiny). Honestly, it works better than any other 'sulphate free' shampoo I have previously tried. It lathers pretty well (the key is to keep adding water), rinses clean and doesn't strip my hair of moisture leaving it tangled, as I have found some of the 'Naked' range has in the past. I also love the scent, in keeping with the rest of the Liz Earle range it smells like a spa treatment - refreshing and invigorating yet warm and slightly sweet.

For conditioner I chose the one for dry hair, with meadowfoam and yangu oil. This is a lovely, creamy conditioner that de-tangles and smooths without weighing the hair down. I have been using both for the last two weeks and I really have noticed a difference. My hair definitely feels more silky and light (minus the product build up other shampoos have left on my hair). Although I am in dire need of a haircut this conditioner has definitely helped repair some of the damage and my hair actually feels much smoother!

The Liz Earle Haircare is now available for pre-order on their website here and will be available for purchase on the 2nd of September online (and in LE stores) and in John Lewis Stores on the 6th of September. I was surprised to learn that they are priced at £7.50 each (for 200ml - 29 washes), which I think is pretty reasonable for a higher end hair product. I can wholeheartedly recommend this line and will definitely be stocking up on some more once I have worked through my samples ;).

While we are chatting Liz Earle, I also wanted to share a few photos of the lovely lady herself. I was actually given the chance to meet her last week at the celebration of 15 years of Cleanse and Polish evening.
She really is an inspiration, glowing inside and out. Not only does she look truly radiant in real life, but she is also a fantastic speaker, full of knowledge and enthusiasm about her brand, which is lovely to see!
I have been using the Cleanse and Polish for about 3 months now and I can see why it has become such a cult product, and the number one selling item in John Lewis (followed by their duck pillow... lol)!

A trick I was shown during the Liz Earle skin tutorial (available in their flagship store) is to use one part of the deep cleansing mask to two parts of the Cleanse and Polish when cleansing to help control my oily skin. I also use the deep cleansing mask as a 'spot treatment' and leave it on overnight on any blemishes threatening to come to the surface. It seems to dry them out and prevent their progress without leaving behind that horrible 'crust' that some other spot treatments tend to. The next step in my obsession is to really treat myself and book a Liz Earle facial.. bf if you are reading this take note ;).

Have you tried Liz Earle? Are you tempted? I am currently in the process of converting my friends... Do you have any tips for using the products in your own way? xxx


  1. liz earle cleanse and polish is on my list of products to try and i'm now quite intrigued with their haircare as i've been SLS free for a few years. thanks for the info!


  2. My mum used to purchase this religiously from qvc and back when I was a total make up snob and horrified by the shopping channel I refused to try it. Years later I found the solace square shop and I really wished I had listened to my mum when she first started using this range! I really love it now and C&P is my staple cleanser. I also really enjoy using the eyebright and the eye serum. X

  3. I ammm tempted!


  4. i keep hearing great things about Liz Earle products.. I'm tempted to try them!


  5. These are definately on my products to try next list!


  6. Thanks to your recommendation I tried C&P hot cloth cleanser. I have really problematic skin with spots like a teenager. I´ve been using this product for almost two months now and it does wonders to my skin. Even my cosmetician wasn´t able to help my skin so much like this cleanser. Thank you Natalya soooo much. I am tempted to try more products of Liz Earle.



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