Thursday, 2 July 2009

Jane of the Jungle

As much as I love and lust after high end brands, I often browse my local Superdrug, Boots, and even Sainsbury's (mine sells Cargo!) to find some good deals and special offers. Therefore, I was not surprised to find that the affordable company Sleek has come out with some great new products for the summer.

Recently, with this unbearable heat, I have been wearing minimal makeup and keeping everything pretty neutral with 'earthy' colours. I have therefore reached for Sleek's new Safari palette a number of times.

This palette contains 12 mineral based eyeshadows (both matte and shimmer) for just £4.88.These shadows are quite pigmented and true to colour in the pan, and I really like that they are not all shimmery (my favourite is the matte green in the bottom row). For such a low price this is definitely a great deal as the colours are pretty and very wearable.

The texture of the shadows is similar to any other pressed mineral make up and behaves in the same way as a pressed pigment so you have to be careful with fallout, or use them wet to give a more dramatic effect. I often find that mineral shadows such as these work better applied with your fingers.

Here is a simple daytime look I did using this palette.
I used the shimmery beige all over the lid (L to R 5th on bottom row), the matte light brown in the crease (1st on the bottom row), the shimmery brown (last on bottom row and dupe for MAC twinks) on the lower lashline with a thin line of the matte black (1st on top row) as a liner along my upper lashline.
Now I am lusting after the acid palette!! I can't wait to try it, but can never seem to find it :(.
Do you guys own any Sleek palettes?


  1. I love this palette, I would probably use every single colour.x

  2. wow I like this. I live in the states so we have nothing like this. Thank you for doing the dress inspired vidoes :)

  3. i need this palette! They've run out at my local superdrug! truly gutted I've already got the original and storm, love the colour pay off you get! def a fave of mine! x

  4. I live in Canada, so we don't get these over here. I can't wait for the sleek website to go up so I can get a few palettes!


  5. Heey!
    Nice blog
    you're super beautiful
    hugs :*

  6. i looked at the acid palette the other day in superdrug and i swatched the colors and they stained my skin really bad, so you may wanna think about that before you get it

  7. Ohh am wanting this and the acid palette badly... am not buying makeup for a bit though, so fingers crossed I'll get them! They look soooo pretty :)

  8. I have the Original and Storm Sleek palettes and love them. Really want this one now. Gorgeous natural look!x

  9. Gorgeous colours!
    I have the original, and the storm (I think...) ones. I quite like them both, but don't use them all that often because they tend to irritate my eyes if I wear it for too long, unfortunately :(

    I'd have to go to the UK to get it anyway! Superdrug is few and far between here (Ireland) but even the ones that are here don't stock Sleek! :(

  10. I have to get this one, i love sleeks storm and original palettesxx

  11. It seems a great palette, the shades look beautiful!

  12. i love the storm palette! is this out in shops yet? i looked for it the other day and couldn't find it! x

  13. Gorgeous look!!!!! So simple and yet so classy and elegant. What lipstick did you use? x

  14. @hele It's definitely out, I saw it and the acid in Belfast last week. I really want to feel the love for Sleek but I'm pretty sure I'm never gonna :(

  15. I've never tried any sleek eyeshadow palettes because I just thought pah- a cheap brand so the colours will probably be crap- but after your thumbs up I will DEFINITELY be buying that particular one and stop being so snobby!


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