Friday, 17 July 2009

Paradise Lost

Last month some of you may have seen the photo I posted on TwitPic looking like a smurf/ troll with crazy backcombed hair courtesy of Seanhanna salons and not my usual style of makeup. Since I have got a few messages asking to see the photos from that shoot, perhaps the craziest I have ever done, I thought I would share some of these images for a giggle.
This dress is from the ANON Autumn/Winter 2009 collection by the fabulous Andrew Martin. Andrew's collection is based on insects and includes dark, heavily structured pieces which accentuate the female form, linking to the identity of Eve within Paradise Lost.
This was definitely a lot of fun, but also quite hard work since I had to climb a tree in a dress that didn't quite cover my bottom and unsteady stilettos (pictured above), all the while 'acting like an insect', though I have pretty much no clue how an insect would act ;p.
Now to the part you are all interested in- the makeup. I have one word.. eeeek!! This monstrosity was done by Benefit, who I have never been a great fan of. They had a lovely team, with so much fun banter, but nevertheless when catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror I did just want to jump off the chair and run to wash it all off! The designer wanted us to look pale and stark, but I think the caked on foundation and dry concealer lips were going too far into the realm of the undead.

Straight after this shoot I had my hair re-styled by Seanhanna into a bigger quiff (yes it is possible) and my makeup re-done into something even more scary (and once again, please be prepared).The brief for this was basically the devil and yup.. I think I pretty much look like I am crawling out of hell with that snarl.. hehe.

Here is the dress on the catwalk. The first two shows were in the formal venue and had the makeup done by MAC (unfortunately I can't show you any photos even though the makeup, venue and presentation were beautiful). The second set of shows were more informal as they were set up for charity so my bf was able to sneak in to take some snaps.
For a close up of the makeup I am including a pic (which I know I will get into trouble for.. hehe) of us messing around at the after party. Someone hasn't quite got their pout down yet have they darling ;)?

Hope you guys enjoyed this post :).
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