Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Angel Contacts GEO Nudy Blue

When I was younger I dreamed of having blue eyes and black hair and had I known it was as easy as  popping in a pair of coloured contacts I think I would have spent much less time dreaming about what could have been. Having played around with a few coloured lenses in the past I was excited to be offered the opportunity to review GEO circle lenses from Angel Contacts.
The circle lenses are special as they have an extra wide diameter of 14mm to noticeably enlarge the look of your iris, thereby making your eyes appear larger. Having seen how popular these are in the Asian market I was excited to see how they would look!
 These are the GEO nudy lenses ($25) in blue, which are described as the most natural circle lenses.
As you can see they are definitely larger than my natural iris and do draw attention to the eyes. They have quite a large opening for your pupil, which means that your natural colour will be visible in strong lights when your pupils are smaller. I normally have problems with lenses irritating my eyes and making them dry, but I have to say that these were super comfortable and I wore them for 12 hours with no problems. They were very easy to insert and remove and held their shape well for future use.
The photo above is a little bit scary, but I just wanted to show you how large the coloured portion is. As my eyes are quite small I did find that the whole iris was rarely visible, but I guess it really depends on your individual eye shape.
So what do you guys think? Do the circle lenses make your eyes appear larger and more striking? Let me know if you have ever tried these lenses and if you are tempted to check them out! xxx
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