Monday, 24 September 2012

Clarins 3 Dot Liner

I have recently discovered the Clarins 3 Dot Liner and couldn't wait to share this innovative product with you all. By far the most tricky technique to master is liquid liner, it took me years of practice to perfect the perfect flick, and some mornings I can assure you it looks far from perfect! The Clarins 3 Dot Liner is amazing for those that are just starting to experiment with liquid liner, those that want the intensity of a liquid, but with a natural subtlety or those that are looking to experiment.
There are so many different ways to use this liner, depending on the look that you want. It can be dotted along the upper lash line to fill in the gaps between lashes for some subtle definition and lash volume enhancement. For a more sculpted finish the dots can be joined to create a solid line and the characteristic liquid liner look.
Alternatively I love to use it on my lower lash line to create a really subtle line of dots that really help to define and open the eye without looking too harsh.
 Liner used to create a solid line on top and dotted along the lower lashline.

The Clarins 3 Dot Liner can be found for £20 here.

Have you ever experimented with a triple pointed liner? What do you think of the idea? How would you use this liner? xxx


  1. That looks really amazing, the little dots make your lower lashes look so thick & long! X

  2. This 3 dot eyeliner idea was originally founded by a korean cosmetcs brand called holika holika , their wonder dot eyeliner. I'm seeing more and more Non-Asian brands copying the ideas of asian cosmetics (don't get me started on bb creams). Anyways, you should try the wonderdot eyeliner instead, get it from ebay etc.

  3. Hey Natalya,

    As I was doing some ebay searching for a peplum blazer, I came across a seller who is using your pictures inorder to promote their merchandise.

    I don't know if they have your permission to use your images, but I thought I would bring it to your attention just incase.

    That is the link to their page.

    Btw I love your blog, maybe you should start watermarking your images to prevent this happening again?

    All the best :)

  4. Love :) What contacts are you wearing here fresh blends?

  5. Thanks for sharing , I really like it , You must be a master, the little dots make you look perfect

  6. =O What a beautiful natural look! Please do a tutorial on this one, pleaseee!!!



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