Sunday, 6 May 2012

Inspiration: Neom Organic Reed Diffuser

I have a very sensitive nose. Perhaps it has evolved to compensate for my poor sight, but I don't always view it as an evolutionary benefit when living in a city that isn't particularly fragrant. Therefore, when at home I try to take refuge in a space filled with delectable scents. I always have a candle burning in my living room and am an avid Febreeze purchaser. However, this does not always mix well with my abundant allergies! Candles are amazing as they can make a room feel alive with light and scent, but sometimes you may want a subtle, clean aroma with no sooty remnants. I have come to absolutely adore Neom's organic reed diffusers for just that!
The Violet, Chamomile and Cedarwood scent from Neom is called Inspiration, and aptly so. This mix of pure essential oils with 80% certified organic ingredients and 20% natural ingredients releases a light, fresh fragrance that is soothing and calming, while being uplifting and energizing. 

I have always struggled with having a candle in the bedroom (not least because if left unattended it can tarnish a perfectly white wall... oops), but also because the last thing you want is smoke in the room that you sleep in. This reed diffuser has been sitting on my side table for a few weeks and it has made the whole room smell absolutely heavenly. I have had no problems with my allergies and am happy to see that the level of oils has not decreased rapidly, so I can enjoy the scent for weeks to come!

Other fragrances in the range include Complete Bliss, Real Luxury and Refresh and after being sent Inspiration to review I will definitely be purchasing another as a gift or a treat! 

Neom reed diffusers are £32 and can be found on their website here.

Are you a fan of home fragrances? Have you ever purchased a reed diffuser? What are your favourite scents? xxx

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