Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Weight Loss - Iyashi Infrared Dome

Happy New Year my lovelies!! I hope you all had a lovely festive period and are enjoying the beginning of 2012.

With the holidays now over many of us are realising that we may have indulged in more than our fair share (mince pies will be the death of me). I therefore thought it may be useful to test out some healthy weight loss, diet and fitness schemes to see in the new year. Let me know your tips and I would love to have some recommendations!

First up is the Infrared Dome, which is a really simple hollistic method designed to rejuvenate and rid the body of toxins. All you have to do is lie back and prepare to get very sweaty! The technology of the unique black carbon dome gradually heats up the body by emitting vibrations of far-infrared rays that are in line with the infrared naturally produced within the body.
The feeling is very similar to that of a 'dry sauna', but the heat builds up slowly and is not overwhelming. I particularly liked the fact that the head remains uncovered during the process, which is much more comfortable. During the 30 minute session the body remains cocooned in the dome and you can really feel the heat penetrating deep into your tissues, especially after turning over half way through. Personally I didn't find it uncomfortable. In fact I was so relaxed that I even had a little snooze! I practice bikram yoga and am generally quite tolerant to heat, but I wanted to be sensible so I asked for it to be maintained at a lower temperature that the maximum, though of course you can build up towards this over multiple sessions.

The Iyashi Dome ensures a loss of up to 600 kilocalories for every half hour session and as the heat penetrates up to 40 mm under the skin it also purifies, cleanses, helps to reduce cellulite and even helps anti aging!

I really enjoyed my session and it did make me feel rejuvenated afterwards. The only thing that was not quite as pleasant is the fact that after the treatment you are encouraged not to shower (so that your body cools down more slowly and retains more of the benefits). As I was traveling on public transport that day I did feel a little uncomfortable on the tube looking very sweaty and red, so I would recommend bring some gym (absorbent) clothes with you and wrapping up warm to protect you against the harsh winter air!

If you are interested in the Iyashi Dome and would like more information please check out mydetoxdiet.co.uk here. Plus, with an exclusive offer for my readers you can purchase 2 sessions for the price of 1. The usual price for two sessions is £110, so you will be able to get two sessions for £55!! All you need to do is quote 'filthygorgeousmakeup' when making your appointment.

Have you ever experienced the infrared dome? Did you see any health benefits? Are you tempted to give it a go? Let me know what you think and if you would like me to post more of my personal weight loss/ detox/ fitness reviews and recommendations! xxx
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