Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Cosmetofruit Total Body Booster

Whilst browsing the SpaceNK website today I came across this little beauty - the Cosmetofruit Total Body Booster, which is now available half price in the sale (£25 here)!

This amazing elixir was actually sent to me a little while ago and I have been meaning to tell you all about it for quite some time!

The Total Bosy Booster is a delicious (it really is!) nutritional concentrate that helps to detoxify and revitalise your body. With its free radical fighters it also helps to prevent ageing and boost skin health, as well as reduce the appearance of cellulite and recover skin tone and firmness.

The elixir contains a host of active ingredients including spiruline seaweed, which helps to provide elasticity and tone to the skin and has antioxidant and antiradical properties that are effective against oxidative stress and green coffee extract, which helps reduce water retention and lipid accumulation to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The elixir comes with a nifty little spoon that makes it easy to measure out your daily dose (4ml). I found that the 100ml bottle lasted about a month and it actually became a supplement I enjoyed taking every day. You can take it alone as a 'shot' or even dissolve it in water, but the pomegranate/ berry flavour is quite tasty so I was happy to take it alone. Although I didn't see the most dramatic effects straight away I did see an improvement in the general appearance of my skin after just one month. I am definitely going to be picking up another in the sale... though I am also really tempted to try their Luxurious Hair and Nails elixir (£25 here)!

Have you tried the Cosmetofruit Total Body Booster or any of their other elixirs? Are you tempted to pick this up in the sale? What are your thoughts/ experiences with health supplements? xxx


  1. I used this recently and I love it.


  2. I got to have that product.


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