Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Eyeko Mascara Wardrobe

Many of you might have noticed that Eyeko has had a little makeover. After first launching in 1999 the founders decided to update the brand and focus the product range. Eyeko is now all about the eyes!

The main product Eyeko has been concentrating on is mascara. I was already a big fan of the original Big Eyes Mascara so I was very much excited by their new offering - a trio of mascaras (£15 each) designed to give you a mascara wardrobe for your eyes!

“With three different bristle brushes Skinny, Fat and Curvy  –developed to give a better grip for longer, bigger and curlier lashes with treatment formulas that solve a multitude of lash problems from premature breakage to lack of hold."
Each mascara also includes an innovative Eyeko shield (just seen above). Essentially this is a plectrum, which can be used to protect your lids from mascara smudges during application.

This mascara features a superior curling formula with Shea Butter and Keratin for conditioned lashes that hold a 90degree curl for over 12 hours without making eyelashes feel brittle. The multi-action brush with tiered bristle clusters is designed to plump, define and curl lashes.
This mascara was easy to apply and gave a clean, natural look to my lashes. The wand grips lashes well and is easy to manoeuvre in order to coat all lashes evenly. This is a great mascara to use if you have naturally long lashes and need a bit of lift. Personally, I prefer a fuller, longer lash look and would reserve this one for more natural makeup days.

Eyeko's skinny brush mascara is designed to elongate the lashes. The bristles are sparse and evenly dispersed to coat each lash with the pigmented black formula, which combines natural oils and waxes with pro-vitamin B to condition and promote lash growth. The formula is indeed a rich black and lasts well throughout the day without flaking.
It seems that Eyeko have taken their Big Eyes mascara formulation and improved it! I love the lengthening and volumising effect and the deep inky black of this mascara. The brush makes application effortless as it holds enough product to coat the lashes and is small enough to use on the corners and the lower lashes. The Skinny Brush mascara is my favourite of the three!

The super sized brush with dense bristles coats and extends lashes for maximum volume. The fibre-enriched formula with extracts of keratin boosts and nourishes lashes.  
The large brush delivers impact by adding volume and depth to the lashes. However, the large brush can be a little difficult to use, especially if your eyes are on the smaller side. 

Which is your favourite mascara in the Eyeko trio? What do you look for in your perfect mascara? Which is your current 'go to' mascara? xxx


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