Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Golden Globes - My Choices

As much as I enjoy movies I don't really pay much attention to awards and acollades, though I do follow the fashion. Blame my inner Disney Princess if you will, but full on red carpet glamour is my choice of style. The hair, the makeup and the dresses... if it was socially acceptable I would wear a ball gown everyday ;).
This dress is so beautiful, I fear if I stare at it too long I may become starry eyed and move to Hollywood in search of fame and fortune. Olivia's soft cat eye and relaxed hair make it look fresh, which is an almighty feat when wearing multiple kilograms of tulle! I wonder if Marchesa makes this in white... ;p

My mother once spotted CZJ in our local department store browsing through racks of (I am told) discounted white undies. Hard to imagine when you see her here, the epitome of sophisticated beauty. The dress, hair, and her signature dark eyes and defined lip combo is perfection.

 I'm just going to put this out there - I don't like Scarlett. I would even go as far as saying I find her extremely irritating. Yet, where credit is due I hope we can put aside our personal differences. This dress is stunning. I especially like the way she has gone for something a little different (no push up bra in sight) and created a flattering and modern silhouette. Not a huge fan of the hair and makeup (just had to slip it in there didn't I?), but the dress is on point.
Although the website (sorry Telegraph) I am borrowing these photos from labeled this a miss I have to disagree. We all know J-Lo loves to be a show stopper, but I think this dress goes about it in the right way for once. She is no longer bearing her entire derriere or her decolletage down to her belly button, yet she is still showing off her gorgeous shape. I even like the sparkly 'overthrow' as it draws the eyes up from her larger assets and balances her silhouette. Without it the spaghetti straps would be too thin, so I think it works perfectly for her.
Perfect as always, though I would have loved to see something a little more exciting from her - especially as she can pull anything off.
Gorgeous, the colour is stunning on her and the laser cut detailing adds a very on trend and modern twist to such a flattering, classic shape.

What were your favourites my lovelies? xxx


  1. i absolutely, 100% agree! all the lovely ladies featured here are in my fashion hits, as well (with the exception of amy adams and that's only because i had already published my post when i saw her photo).

    other favourites were january jones in a fringed, red versace gown and anne hathaway in a STUNNING armani privé dress that had the most amazing detailing.

  2. loved the olivia wilde dress too. and as a wedding dress... perfect! was also quite fond of lea michelle's dress (glee). x

  3. I loved Oliva Wilde dress too. And I think Emma Stone looked great too!!

    xoxo Olga

  4. I really liked Olivia Wilde's dress too--it reminded me of an old show called "The Storyteller" which once featured a "dress made of stars." Also liked Anne Hathaway's full-on sequined dress (with a back that was cut-down-to-there).

  5. i loved january jones in versace. she looked so beautiful and classy. x

  6. I can't stand Scarlett either! She just grates me and I am sick of the marilyn rip off look. Definitely nice to see her in a look that doesn't scream copycat though and also to see her with natural makeup too.

  7. I love leighton meester's dress it is so graceful and elegant on her, it makes her look almost angelic and Jennifer Lopez! They both look stunning!!!

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    Thank you;)

  8. Don't like Scarlett?! lol I really like her -- I think she has an amazing, classic look! All of the ladies you featured looked stunning!


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