Friday, 7 January 2011

Fringe Benefits

These days we have so much choice when it comes to hair (and other things) that it's often very difficult to commit to one style. I will confess that I have always been quite conservative with both my cut and my colour, apart from a brief summer stint as a blonde ;). However, I have flirted with a fringe more times than I can recall. It seems that half my life has been spent awkwardly sweeping annoying strands from my forehead as I try to grow one out, and then finally getting bored and going for the chop once again. Wouldn't it be nice to have the option to radically change your style without expensive trips to the hairdressers and anguish over whether or not it will suit you? Well, now you can, with a clip-in fringe!
As you can see my hair is long and layered, with the front sections just below the cheek bone. To attach the fringe I took hair from the centre of my crown to my temples in a triangle shape, then twisted and secured it to the side using a bobby pin. I then clipped in the fringe and blended the sides with a comb.
This American Dream Vanessa fringe was sent to me for review in the colour - 33 rich copper. On the website it is described as a full, thick fringe with longer sides. At first I tried to create a more natural side fringe by clipping the it a little lower, closer to my hairline. I then secured it nearer to the crown to create a longer length, classic choppy fringe.
I was surprised by how good the colour match was, as I always find it difficult to chose the right shade on a website. The longer pieces on the side create instant layers that frame your face, help to blend the fringe in and look more natural. The Vanessa fringe is made of human hair, however I would say it doesn't blend in perfectly due to the hair being very smooth and shiny against my natural hair, which is more textured and a little thicker. This was particularly noticeable in bright light as the fringe looked much more glossy than the rest of my hair. However, this could easily be fixed by straightening the hair to make it look smoother and more shiny, or adding a little serum.
For more information you can visit the American Dream Extensions website here. Prices range from £7.26 to £20.37 for 100% human hair fringes in six styles.

Have you ever tried a clip-in fringe? Let me know what you think!
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