Sunday, 30 January 2011

Aveda Smooth Infusion - The Results

Some of you may have already read my earlier post (find it here)- introducing the Aveda Smooth Infusion Challenge.
Throughout this month I have been putting the Aveda's Smooth Infusion range to the test, seeing if it can really deliver on its promises - protect my hair from heat styling damage, keep my hair free from frizz for 12 hours and defend against humidity. Rain, tube, dance class, clubbing - you name it, I have done it in the name of good hair ;).
Shall we take a look at the results? First up, a walk in the wind and rain, followed by a tube ride. Aaah my favourite!
Since my hair was blow dried with some volume and movement at the ends you can definitely see it has dropped and lost some of its curl. However, it has remained smooth and frizz free.No flyaways here!

A few days later I straightened my hair and set out for another long day at work. Although my hair is  wavy and textured it is pretty quick to straighten and smooth, however the curls usually start to make themselves known in the evening, especially if there is moisture in the air.
 After a hot, packed tube ride and a walk in the drizzle by lunchtime my hair was still looking sleek.
 In the evening I set out for another walk in the rain and tube ride (anyone sensing a pattern here?), followed by dinner and a few cocktails. Please excuse my pyjama and glasses clad snaps ;).
As you can see over 12 hours later my hair is still straight, however a few flyaways are starting to emerge. Since my hair is layered quite often the shorter pieces tend to frizz, especially around the front and at the crown. The next morning my hair was still straight, and all it needed was a little serum to smooth the ends and a few of the flyaways. 

Let me know what you think of the results and do keep an eye out for my last post in this series, where I will be reviewing the Smooth Infusion range in more detail!

*This post was sponsored by Aveda as part of a month long challenge to see how the products perform*



  1. Stunnning hon! Love you with glasses xoxo

  2. Your hair is just so gorgeous. I love how you tied the scarf. xoxo

  3. your hair looks great EACH and EVERY time! :) love the pic with the look good!

  4. i use the glossing straightener and it definitely did its job! the only problem really is that i don't like my hair straight :p.

  5. I love your hair! the colour is gorgeous and this stuff did a great job of keeping your locks in check in the miserable weather :)

  6. your hair looks so shiny! gorgeous! xoxox


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