Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Aveda Smooth Infusion - Let the challenge begin!

Last week I was kindly invited to the Aveda Institute to learn all about their new Smooth Infusion range and try the products for myself. 'Luckily' London provided the perfect level of precipitation for testing out a product that promises to control frizz and protect against humidity for 12 hours.

Since it had been drizzling all day my hair looked more than a little frazzled and in desperate need of taming on my arrival. I'm going to be brave and show you the 'before' photo. Big breath...
So as you can see the Smooth Infusion range has taken up a real challenge in battling with my hair!

After a luxurious head massage using a rose based oil my hair was washed, conditioned and blow dried by one of Aveda's lovely stylists. She really did a fantastic job, and my hair was left feeling smooth, yet weightless and bouncy!

The real test will now come when I use the products for myself, away from the expert blow drying hands. I am very much excited to see how they fare with my frizz prone hair!

Have you tried Aveda's Smooth Infusion range or any other Aveda products? xxx

*This post was sponsored by Aveda as part of a month long challenge to see how the products perform*


  1. Very Beautiful! You look amazing! I haven't tried those products but I think i might have to :)

  2. I actually like both looks. :) Will look forward to the review on these products - always useful to have something like this for any UK based girl, it does rain a lot. x

  3. It's a great line if you have issues with frizz and heat style often. It helps to seal down the cuticle of the hair and cut down on heat damage done by heat styling

  4. hey! nice post ;)
    your after photo is really nice.
    I didn't really like my ones, so 'professional' that I look a bit weird and dont think it looks like me! haha
    you going to aussie/herbal essences thing on saturday? xoxo roz

  5. @Dutchess Roz - Can I let you in on a little secret? I don't like my 'after' photo either and was hesitant about putting it up - kinda feel like it doesn't really look like me for some reason. I think it was because he was telling me exactly how to stand and it felt really stiff! I like yours though! I can't make it on Sat as I am doing makeup for a music video, have fun though xxx


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