Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Online shopping, but at half price?

So I have a problem. I wish I could call it a small problem, but let's face it, it is far from that. I am absolutely addicted to online shopping (the bf says I'm an insatiable shopaholic but what does he know?).

Unfortunately I no longer have the time to go shopping on the high street very often (why can't shops in London be open 'til 9 like they are in other big cities I whinge constantly?). However, I have become very speedy at entering my card details online, so much so that I now remember all of them (even the ridiculously long one- how sad!). I look forward to my lunch break every day knowing that I can sit down in the comfort of my wheely chair for 15 minutes and browse through all the shiny things my heart desires.

A friend recently pointed me to a couple of sites that I have subsequently become absolutely addicted to. They host sales from a huge range of different brands from Diesel to Coccinelle to Pringle to Ralph Lauren to Bodum (and yes the other day I purchased a Wok for £10.. what? It was a good deal). The only downside is these websites are invite only, meaning that a current user has to send you an e-mail invite, and then you sign up for their mailing list. Don't panic, they are not spammers, all they do is send you updates of the sales that they have coming up. Each brand sale only lasts only a few days, but there are always about 10 sales going on at the same time. Also, as the sites don't store the products themselves (and hence can sell them at ridiculous prices to us),  your purchases do take a couple of weeks to arrive as the sale has to be finished before they can despatch them to you.

I am not affiliated to these in any way, but I just wanted to tell you about them as they are absolutely fantastic. Who doesn't like getting a good deal and buying a designer bag at 80% off? I know whenever that e-mail drops into my inbox I get excited :). 

So what are these amazing internet shopping havens?
www.secretsales.com and www.vente-privee.com (I think you can still sign up for this one on their front page, but there are limited places left).

If any of you are interested in joining please e-mail me (filthygorgeousmakeup@gmail.com) and I shall send you an invite.

I shall leave you with a few items I am currently fawning over to tingle your shopping taste buds (if such things exist?).

Love Sparkle Earrings (RRP £30), on sale for £10
Love Sparkle Ring (RRP £41), on sale for £14
Love Sparkle Cats Eye Necklace (RRP £105), on sale £35
18 Cart Gold Plated Earrings (RRP £28), on sale £11
The sites have much, much more than jewelry, but these are just the pieces that caught my eye today. I can't recommend them enough! If you are interested do leave a comment and I shall set up a new account that I can use to invite you all :). xxx


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  2. I am a member of vente-privée.com and I adore this website it's a little dangerous for my wallet but I love to live dangerously =)

  3. @Hollywood I know! I'm a little too click happy as soon as they out anything new up! I always count what i save, not what I spend lol xxx

  4. I used Secretsales a while ago but I was buying things I didn't even need just to get a bargain! I love online shopping...because I'm not handing cash over at a till I forget that my bank acount is still being drained :p x

  5. I wrote on my blog about secretsales but wasn't sure if it was legit as the prices seemed too good to be true. Glad you answered that for me :D x

  6. Thanks for this post, I just joined vente-privee..Cant wait for a sale I want to come up! BrandAlley.co.uk is great too, it has so many good sales - you should check it out! Also, because you can pay by paypal you dont feel like you're spending any money! I too know my credit card details of by heart...Lol!!


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  8. Did you ever buy anything from vente-privee? I got a confirmation saying that the estimated delivery time was in one months time but they still took the money out of my account so soon :( also have read online reviews about the website and its not making me feel too confident about my purchases anymore! Will just have to wait and see I suppose.... eek! x


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