Sunday, 9 May 2010

Just a quickie ;)

So all in all it has been a pretty bleak weekend! The furthest I have ventured in the cold drizzle is to Tesco's for snacks and wine. I don't know if any of you have similar problems, but my mood is very heavily dictated by the weather (hence I hate the winter), and when it is so grey outside I have literally no energy or motivation to do anything! On horrible days like this I feel pretty miserable and all I want to do is curl up in a warm blanket, watch movies all day, eat like a bear who has just come out of hibernation and sleep for 12 hours without disruption (check, check, definitely check and nowhere near check unfortunately).

I felt guilty being such a slob as I promised you guys some exciting OOTDs and the weekends are the only times I can wear clothes I like (as opposed to suits and pencil skirts that cut off the circulation to the lower part of my body after I have had lunch... is it just me?). Instead, yesterday's outfit was made up of the first comfy things that I could pull out of my drawer.. not very inspiring!

The mint green T-shirt is from Oasis, though I love the colour (a little more chanel jade irl) the fit, or lack of it, definitely makes it something I do housework in rather than wear out. The jeggings are from ASOS and the grey jumper/ shawl is from Abercrombie about 5 years ago - seriously the most lovingly comfy and warm thing I own.

The makeup too was a lazy 3 minute effort. When I have no time or energy I usually just put on some concealer, a little cream blush (MAC lilicent) and mascara (L'Oreal Voluminous carbon black) and pair it with a bright lip. That way you still look like you made some effort, without investing time in perfecting your eyeshadow and skin. (The only thing I would say is that if your skin is very uneven or is going through a breakout make sure you use foundation and a good concealer to even everything out as bright lipsticks really do highlight flaws in your skin much more so than a heavy eye look will).
For this bright coral (or let's face it orange) lip I used NYX femme 643 lipstick with The Body Shop's love gloss in no. 18 on top (which I just noticed is made in Thailand?). I know many of you avoid orange lipsticks as they can make your teeth look yellow, but I absolutely adore them as they really brighten and lift the face. They can look much more natural than pinks or berries on warm skin tones and on cooler skin tones (like mine) the contrast is beautiful.

A coral lipstick is my must have of the summer (if it ever stops raining!).. have you got a favourite? xxx


  1. Love that greeny colour on you!

  2. Absolutely gorg. That lippie is stunning. I met you briefly at the Andrew Collinge event and you are even more stunning in real life! :)

  3. Oh, pretty!

    I'm going through a minimal make-up phase, too; foundation, a cheek stain, mascara and a rosy lippie. Perfecto!

  4. I love your lippie! Such a gorgeous colour on you! xxx

  5. Hi Nat,
    I totally understand what you feel. I’m actually from South America where the weather is always hot and lots of sunshine so when I moved here like 5 years ago I totally felt the mood swing. I try as much as I can to get a bit of sunshine in my face (when it comes out) and I also take some Vitamin D which helps apparently.
    I also hibernate and I cannot even be bothered to go up the road and meet friends at the pub. They have to nag me all the time but when I finally go out I don’t regret it :0)
    Love that lipstick!

  6. Thank you, Natalya, for making me realize that I am not alone in being less-than-motivated on grey days.

    I feel like I can now accept it and be happy for sunny days!

    You look like a doll!

  7. De-lurking (finally) to say I love your lip colour in this!

    I've been looking for a nice coral lipstick but on my olive skin all the ones I've tried have looked awful. The least ick so far is MAC's Ramblin' Rose, but even that's too orange for me. Sigh! The search continues, and I promise eternal gratitude if anyone feels like suggesting something I could try (preferably available in Canada).

    Anyway, love the look!

  8. I completely understand about the weather affecting your mood. I'm pretty sure I have seasonal affective disorder. When it's gray or rainy I feel so weighed down, my mood and energy is very low. Even if the weather is gray for just one day I start feeling depressed. I live for blue sky and sunshine! I grew up where it's rains a lot and the weather is bad (Oregon, USA) As soon as I finished school I moved straight away to Hawaii.


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