Thursday, 5 March 2009

Victoria's Secret inspired :)

Original video:

My take on the look:

I'm sorry my eyelids are so weird here... The house next door is being redecorated (though I think they are actually moving walls.. grrrr) and I get woken up at 8am every day by insanely loud drilling! It probably does not sound that bad, but my whole house shakes and since I stay up very late most nights it really wears me out :(.
P.S. My boyfriend is playing Varsity rugby tomorrow (Oxford vs. Cambridge) so please keep your fingers crossed Cambridge win :). It will be live on sky sports 3 at 7.30pm so if you are bored please tune in and support no.15. You may even see me in the crowd supporting the best way I can- light blue eyeshadow hehe :).
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